Ali cloud teamed up with China’s meteorological public meteorological service center mining large data

on May 27, 2014, the China meteorological administration public meteorological service and ali cloud reached a strategic cooperation, common mining the deep value of meteorological data. Huge amounts of meteorological data will be sent to you by ali cloud computing platform, become a can real-time analysis of the application of “live” data, service for national economic and social livelihood of the people. It is reported, this is the first time national ministries and USES the private technology companies to provide cloud computing and big data services.

this cooperation is the first point cloud computing. Our country each year weather data has reached the PB level, compared to the 1990 s growth for thousands of times, and is still in rapid growth. Storage and processing these data, need huge amounts of computing resources. As a leading global and domestic first ali cloud, the cloud computing platform can support every day hundreds of PB data processing, ali cloud architecture is adopted, the China meteorological administration can avoid huge funds, cycle is long, IT systems. According to the agreement, ali cloud will provide stability to the China meteorological administration, the highly effective cloud computing services.

but do big watch is not just the cooperation is the cloud itself. It is through cloud computing processing of meteorological data. The relationship between meteorological data itself the economic livelihood of the people from all walks of life. “To go out with or without an umbrella,” “tomorrow it’s hot” this is our common concern of the public, and the future for a period of time but how about the way of logistics operation and development of related businesses, cash flow, it’s hot in summer may have about drinks and air conditioning industry, warmer winters and freezing, of course, is also about the future of the apparel industry. In addition to the special case, actually cannot leave the meteorological data in all walks of life, but they need through effective analysis after the screening of large data, especially in sectors such as finance and futures. China’s meteorological disaster happens, public services also need to analyze large data to guide disaster prevention and mitigation.

so the collaboration ali cloud in addition to the China meteorological administration provides a stable and efficient cloud computing services, ali cloud will also provide technical support, together with the met office building “China meteorological professional service cloud”, for there are data requirements of enterprises to provide professional cloud computing services. Through large data cooperation, the two sides will merge China meteorological data and ali group accumulated huge amounts of business data, formation of intensification of opening to the outside world data products. Ali cloud, the China meteorological administration will work with many third-party enterprise together, excavate the value of big data, meteorological for all walks of life and ordinary people to provide innovative products and services.

in addition, ali cloud will also actively promote ali group has its own data and meteorological data fusion of cooperation: promote the meteorological data of cooperation with Scott map, combining with the map data provide more precise area weather encountered, and specify the lines of actual weather and weather review service, that is likely to affect the logistics transportation such as the weather warning service; Rookie logistics cooperation, promote the meteorological data and by novice data platform, to the weather data platform of user product service output, including but not limited to, storage location, the daily delivery weather index, avoid disaster weather such as content; Other businesses to promote other alibaba group company in ali free data and meteorological data fusion of cooperation.

the China meteorological administration, an affiliate of the typhoon, the weather net public services such as web site, will take the lead in migration to ali cloud computing platform. In addition, alibaba group will be sent to you by ali and, often, pay treasure to purse, gold maps and other products, such as multi-channel distribution of meteorological disaster warning information, help the public and corporate disaster prevention and mitigation.

as mentioned above, ali cloud and public service center at the China meteorological administration, there are three levels of cooperation: ali cloud provide cloud computing services to the China meteorological administration; Ali cloud together with the China meteorological administration building “China meteorological professional cloud”, provide enterprises with data requirements of fine commercial meteorological data of products; Ali electricity data, Scott map data and rookie logistics using the meteorological data, such as strengthening the alibaba in the department of products and services.