Ali code on tao: code, the new world

on June 10th, alibaba group, issued a “code for” open strategy, to launch “code on tao” platform. Since then, ali group “code” will become one of the most important aspects of the strategy of “cloud + side”, to help users to the backend system, cloud computing and big data infrastructure, including mobile phones, TV, PC, offline stores such as seamless connection terminal. Eventually help business to achieve anytime, anywhere, everywhere, at the same time promote commercial electronic process.

the first phase of the “code for” has five applications: “commodity code”, “service code” and “shop on code”, “interactive code”, “media code”.

commodity code access accumulated billion level commodity base, ali gave everything on their own “code” to identify the identity.

“service code”, some companies to customize the personalized service, the user code to access the service. Possible scenarios, for example, online shopping goods don’t need instruction, with qr code on them, the user mobile code can see web page with pictures and specifications, in which can also customize other services.

“code on shop” is a direct link to the qr code, the user code can go shop. Thus can realize the combination of online online and offline forms.

“interactive code” companies to customize some interactive activities, even a small game, etc., the user code can attend.

“media code” has already aroused widespread attention, the traditional media in the newspaper printing qr code, newspaper readers can enjoy as long as the sweep goods discount purchase. The move is the traditional media to embrace, as the play itself channel advantages, to carry on the beneficial exploration in the transformation of traditional media.

alibaba group chief operating officer, Mr. Zhang said that “code on the tao” is ali cloud + side as the core strategy of wireless link. “Code” henceforth no longer only a single bearing the function of the card, “code” will connect more content and services, and finally realizes the person and person, the people and the seamless link of information, and physical.

code on the new platform with the first partner there are a lot of home, the Qingdao beer and Pepsi will print “code” to this summer more than 1 billion orders of magnitude of other bottles, by the user code to participate in the interaction.

on ali code “yards, new world” is the theme of the tao. Not reminiscent of the micro letter 5.0 version of the new world “” sweep sweep, sweep. WeChat over the past two years to complete the qr code using habit education for Chinese users, also let a lot of ordinary users think of qr code first reaction is to take WeChat scan, and carry on WeChat mobile payment and communication online business potential. Ali and code for platform, is to “pick fruit”, it will be through large-scale promotion, let user generated through ali department applications such as mobile phone taobao to sweep the yard habits. And its success will depend on the new user behavior can be established.

code on the new platform connotation is rich, can at the same time carrying a variety of content. Media code, interactive, service code, code on the shop, commodity code is let ali’s flow channel spread from online to offline, in addition to collecting from online click, after ali electricity will also be gathered from a variety of offline channel flow, every scan code, just like every click on the behavior of online. Node with offline and cables, is mobile phone taobao and alipay ali system application.

at the same time on the commodity code and code shop offers a prototype in the form of future business: online and offline seamless integration. Online shopping is to buy on the net before, offline shopping is in offline shopping. Now commodity code provides a unified online commodities and offline properties, coupled with ali can provide backend system and cloud computing data support, offline stores and online stores or can realize the organic integration. Go check out the local stores and few qr code can shop online, such as home goods have been sent to; Pick one online, we ‘ll go to a nearby store directly with the…

as alibaba official said, code on tao will give new value – “code” by identifying information to provide services. After consumers sweep code, will have the shortest path of consumption, personalized interactive experience and service on the ubiquitous “code”. Merchants can precipitate customer relationship, through online trading closed loop, implement custom channels. In the PC, mobile phone, tablet, TV screen, “code” will be hit the most consumers all-weather business entry.