Ali communication them roughly 170 published rates available call traffic

message on June 3rd, ali communication today announced that its virtual operator voice, SMS, Internet in 170 number traffic billing, traffic fee 0.125 0.2 yuan/M, and will explore the WiFi environment free call 170.

7 yuan a month against the scalpers

according to introducing, ali, 170 communication, in addition to the next month start 7 yuan guaranteed consumption, will not set any mandatory fee, no roaming charges, the answer for free. This 7 yuan also guaranteed to prevent some malicious charge CARDS, store CARDS, lead to the real users don’t get the number “.

ali communications, 7 yuan contains 35 m flow, can call 46 minutes, for the real user, is only the symbolic threshold.

and user access first, can start from 0 yuan, according to 1 yuan gas bag automatic stacking charge: 0 – $37, 5 m per use traffic billing 1 yuan. 37-77 yuan between, every 6 m billing 1 yuan. 77-127 yuan between, every 7 m billing 1 yuan. 127 yuan of above, every 8 m billing 1 yuan. Voice traffic exchange, billing between shift up, less than 1 yuan MaLing, these all by ali communication background automatically, does not require the user to select, setting.

taobao members are granted credit overdraft money

ali communication with consumers in taobao, Tmall, pay treasure to membership grade and consumption, credit data, a certain amount of credit awarded 170 users, within the quota to overdraw the phone bill. Through alibaba’s website and mobile applications, the user can prepaid phone anytime and anywhere, or deal with never stop business.

in addition, the subsequent ali communication also will provide 170 users with all kinds of taobao, Tmall shopping privileges and preferences; Ali’s digital entertainment, correspondence, cloud OS phones and other business, will also with virtual operators in combination with their business.

explore Wifi environment free call

ali’s 170 them roughly a exploration direction is “free WiFi calls”, namely the WiFi environment, ali free phone calls, text messaging communication 170 number. And in the other direction is “the free WiFi”, make 170 users free access to the ubiquitous offline WiFi.

in April this year, ali communication to build customer management and billing system, May 7, ali communication declared them roughly 170 open beta, first issued in Beijing, zhejiang, guangdong, Hong Kong and 300 number.