Ali pictures, formal, zhang qiang as chief executive

announced in March this year, 6.244 billion Hong Kong dollars to alibaba’s 60% stake after 5 months, cultural China announced officially announced this evening, the company will be renamed as alibaba industry group co., LTD., at the same time appointed zhang qiang and executive director, chief executive of the company. At this point, “ali pictures” began.

today appeared together with ali pictures, LOGO, the modelling of alibaba classic combination of orange color film, marks the ali pictures in the cultural industry will be exactly the concept of “happiness”.

in the alibaba group’s current business architecture, digital entertainment business to the expansion of cultural entertainment, covered including games offering entertainment treasure, youku, value-added services platform + potatoes video, reading, movie and music and other business sectors. Among them, ali pictures is docking, film and television business. In addition, the domestic Internet giants such as tencent, baidu layout in succession, film and television business, although each strategy is slightly different, but predictably, big data are using the Internet technology to analyze user preferences to do orientation is recommended.

to zhang qiang took office news actually, as early as last month had been part of the media in advance. The data shows, zhang qiang, film and television media industry in China has more than 25 years of experience, has made many excellent film. Served as deputy general manager of China film co., LTD., Beijing television station deputy editor and Beijing Forbidden City film company chairman, general manager and Beijing Forbidden City TV culture co., LTD., general manager, etc., as general planning, film and television works include: in the recent Chinese partners, we will eventually lost youth “to”, and “small age 1”, “small age 2”, etc.

in ali pictures, besides zhang qiang and li as ali pictures of independent non-executive directors. In addition, the company already has a Stephen chow, director Peter chan, wong kar-wai investment priority.

with zhang qiang professional experience in the field of traditional film, combined with alibaba’s big data advantage and ali about online resources integration ability, for the Chinese film and television industry in the content, investment, production and distribution and so on each link may bring more innovation.