Ali UC mobile pattern to deconstruct gifted as comprehensive fusion

alibaba to F5 off the Internet.

on June 11, alibaba group, announced that a wholly-owned acquisitions of UC gifted as company (hereinafter referred to as UC), the latter will be ali UC mobile business group, after ali electric business enterprise group, cloud computing, big data business group after group of a new career.

as the age of the Internet grows mobile giant – UC has been praised by the big Internet companies. Especially in the mobile age comes, the status of UC. Once a giant can react with the, mobile Internet, and even the entire Internet pattern will inevitably be affected.

a, according to people close to alibaba investment at ali from the start, it is not a simple financial investment, but the running of the strategic synergy level to the company. From early investment, holding, fusion, can see alibaba on UC business development prospects at the same time, also in the layout of the mobile Internet ambition and determination.

ready: the long-simmering open plan

“UC is one of the few very focus of the company, also can stick to lonely company.” Ai media consulting think CEO zhang yi.

until now, the UC has been around mobile phones. After the outbreak of the mobile Internet, UC just like the “pig” on the tuyere.

iresearch released the 2013 China mobile browser industry analysis report, according to the UC browser market share of 65.9%, the UC global users reached 500 million, which owns the UC browser, what search, UC nine swim, PP assistants, and other industry leading mobile Internet products and platforms.

this also attracted the attention of many investors, little of course not BAT (baidu, alibaba, tencent).

as PC search, baidu no prophet in mobile search, until every day by UC flow rate more than 20% in the past. A baidu insiders said, “the company began to nervous.”

baidu immediately by investment contact UC, hoping for long security cooperation in the form of equity investment. “Once the UC close to baidu’s entrance, or turned the bow towards the other competitors,” said zhang yi, “the consequences will be unthinkable.”

business society is not a fairy tale world. The reality is that UC has launched a mobile search in internal research and development plan.

on April 28, the 10th anniversary celebration, UC ucweb CEO announced officially launched its mobile search service – what brand, and stressed that the business has been doing internal secret for four years.

meanwhile, announced the “what” hand in hand with him ucweb CEO jack ma. In the company named “mobile”,, alibaba has a 30% stake, UC has a 70% stake.

this day, UC undoubtedly threw two atomic bomb in the industry, what is a launch, formal power mobile search, is a giant alibaba to join. “Although ali is UC investors, but also just one of many investors.” A tencent declined to be named person admitted that it’s hard to imagine how close the two sides.

in fact, like baidu, tencent on UC and alibaba next movement and qihoo 360, sogou.

May 7, alibaba listing prospectus submitted thoroughly let baidu, tencent, 360. The prospectus information display, alibaba holds a 66% stake in UC, become the undisputed venture.

but, the circus has only just.

overweight: began to tilt the balance of

in the just, from the prospectus disclosure of alibaba group holding 66% of news less than 40 days of UC, alibaba announced a wholly-owned acquisitions of UC. Ucweb CEO mentioned this in the internal mail is one of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the history of the Internet in China, most of the shares to ali, cooperate with some cash.

a PE personage analysis, from the point of investment way and overall evaluate, UC is actually a curve by alibaba, and obtained the better value than listed.

let see alibaba sincere and ucweb CEO, he himself became the highest in alibaba business decision-making team – alibaba group strategy committee members, and at the helm of ali UC mobile business group, served as President.

alibaba, UC move without exception, send a signal to the world: ali and UC to refresh the mobile Internet, and even the Internet.

PC Internet era, baidu, alibaba, tencent, respectively, in the search, electricity and social fields laid the respective position. In the past two years, BAT through continuous capital mergers and acquisitions, reinforce the yugoslav capital in their respective fields.

91 wireless, youku, potatoes, Scott, Meituan, public review, jingdong leader in their respective vertical have also joined the BAT. UC mobile browser has been growing up as a contemporary status is unknown. Until an alibaba.

zhang yi believes that UC as variable outside of the BAT, who all wanted to pull it into his camp, but not any one can react with it very well.

this performance in 360, the BAT and even value with UC, and the future of imagination.

ma finally put down the burden the search this last year. On September 16, 2013, tencent’s search business and other related assets packaging to sogou search, poured $448 million at the same time, gain a 36.5% stake in the new sogou after restructuring.

you can see, ma heart has not, also doing the second string to his bow. A tencent’s top mobile Internet business group, ma in 2014 was one key strategy of development of the browser.

as for baidu, robin li ratio who all know, in the era of mobile, an APP is traffic black holes, browser-based APP search application, can realize mobile terminal corner overtaking at any moment. “Baidu is the largest company future mobile Internet uncertainty.” China mobile Internet league secretary-general li yi said.

in 360, UC will impose on the mobile end “on his way back he body”. In PC and 360 successful flow conductivity in the search of your browser. Almost overnight, the pattern of the Chinese PC search is 360 changed.

today, in the mobile terminal, UC also hope to be able to fully leverage the search of mobile Internet era. And certainly gave a leveraged UC mobile Internet fulcrum.

after joining alibaba, resources of both parties are bound to each other. Ucweb CEO internally also mentioned in the letter, UC group will be integrated into the alibaba group co., LTD., at the same time will integrate alibaba group related business team.

ucweb CEO believes that in the Internet and other industry integration, the process of penetration, ali has obvious advantage, can say ali today has not only is an Internet company, is an enterprise beyond the Internet. Li yi is that UC has constructed the one-stop service platform for mobile Internet users, compared with open platform alibaba genes or fit.

mobile balance began to tilt, Internet pattern quietly changed.