Ali UC total cost: $1.165 billion + 12.3 million shares

according to alibaba group today updated prospectus, according to documents in the recent acquisition of UC business, alibaba group to the latter paid $479 million to + 12.3 million shares of restricted stock.

last week, alibaba and UC also announced that UC gifted as wholly into the alibaba group, and to form a ali UC mobile business group, YuYong blessing as a mobile business group of UC President. He told hunting cloud network interview when valuations of UC in the two above 91 wireless for $91 and $1.9 billion for the purchase of a (baidu). This means that the UC valuation at around $4 billion.

before the transactions, alibaba has been through the acquisition of a total investment of $686 million, twice its UC stake to 66%. In June 2014, acquired UCWeb all remaining equity, given the price of $479 million in cash + 12.3 million shares of restricted stock ali group. On the whole, in addition to the restricted stock, ali of cash amount to $1.165 billion.

the prospectus disclosure, the current UC has 264 million active users around the world.