Ali, vice President, xiao-ming hu: P2P will now closures, would like to venture P2P three things to clear

alibaba group vice President, xiao-ming hu to participate in the “2014 China’s small and medium-sized enterprises with financial development BBS”, talk about the Internet financial opportunities in the future. He also predicts that the next 12 to 18 months, there will be a certain number of P2P businesses will be closed down.

“in the process of its Internet banking business, in the face of financial risks, we must be careful, especially on the credit risk management. I have been told colleagues, do Banks, credit, we have to keep enough positioning of our credit risk management, these things not because you have passion and capital can solve, not because the Internet can also go to hedge the risk of it. On the credit business, interest is the current recovery, risk it may break out in a year, so he formed the risk and the mismatch of the time. Today many P2P companies at this point in time, lack of risk management.”

when it comes to nearly two years the most popular P2P enterprise (personal to personal credit trading), xiao-ming hu said, should return to essence of finance. Is in view of the respectively, his judgment: “now, many P2P companies risk management does not address the proceeds at the time of sex and the lag of risk. Over the next 12 to 18 months, there will be a certain amount of P2P business failures.”

xiao-ming hu saw in wenzhou, a P2P entrepreneurs through a platform, to sell their credit assets, to the public after took the money to buy a full set of hermes, in a car and a nice car. After 12 months, the company went bankrupt, entrepreneurs also run away.

therefore, xiao-ming hu remind all want to join the P2P and Internet financial entrepreneurs, must want to clear: “first, in the process of entrepreneurship, on your chain, do you have any, do you have a customer? Do you have the data? Do you have a technical ability? Second, what do you want? Do you want to is a industry’s healthy development, or go to ride today? Third, you must give up? Shouldn’t interest should not be you, because sooner or later.” (adapted from “the 21st century)