Alibaba is elegant clothing suppliers in the Internet by pin industrial chain

on May 28, ali’s 1688 platform hosted the 2014 crystal cashmere fashion product launches, swarovski China, Beijing snow lotus group, erdos group, such as world-class brand suppliers officially in 1688 platform. Through the procurement and sales of the apparel industry to ali, and formed a complete Internet industry chain.

these big clothing materials provider is the first time in 1688, which means that the small and medium-sized clothing enterprises can wholesale platform in 1688, after purchase to the first-class quality of raw materials. In the past, the small and medium-sized clothing enterprises on the one hand, no top sources of raw materials, on the other hand, the enterprise such as the swarovski, snow lotus, only from offline bulk orders, for small and medium-sized enterprises small amount of orders can’t provide, but as these enterprises 1688, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) can be used before the 1688 platform of purchasing reach top clothing materials, take this, small and medium-sized clothing enterprises and international big shop sign standing on the same starting line.

at the same time, in part through the procurement and sales, 1688 also introduces a service provider. Weaving in the conference, the national product quality supervision and inspection center also announced in 1688 platform, not only provide authority and impartial third party testing, more will cooperate with alibaba, as well as 1688 to help buyers identify what kind of is good cashmere, cashmere, according to data to predict the trend at the same time, help the seller to improve technology to produce more high-quality cashmere products.

the procurement and sales of get through, more bring the upstream and downstream data through. Day cat clothing category, says Dong Fang, head of days cat taobao big data to predict the future first fashion trends, consumption hotspot has great reference significance, and on the day the cat and taobao platform, the data is more dimension, in addition to the sales data, search, collect and analysis data can be viewed as a basis. The data back to the wholesale side, it can be to influence production.

in fact, through procurement, sales, service, data, 1688 through the whole of the apparel industry supply chain, and a perfect layout from retail to wholesale to the procurement and production of the ecosystem. Ma Yunceng, points out that only the C (consumer demand side) as the origin, the B (supply side) as an end, and let S (service) involved in the whole industry chain can be truly effective refactoring, line into an Internet industry chain, an ecosystem.

the first apparel wholesale and retail side through why begin? Alibaba B2B business group President Wu Minzhi gives the detailed reading: whether taobao, Tmall or 1688, clothing accessories of the demand and sales volume is biggest, 1688 wants to build a vertical professional clothing procurement market, taobao, Tmall brands need characteristic, need new faster, therefore we need more and more strong ability of supply chain integration. Taobao, the day the cat on the sales side has been very successful, but the whole background of supply chain management in the process of raw materials procurement, development, production and so on electronic, platform has just started. Internet type industrial chain of the future, 1688 will focus on the supply chain to the supply of goods, quality and service.

alibaba group chief Ming zeng has suggested that essence is to use the Internet to the traditional e-commerce business transformation, 1688 is a key link of the supply chain and trading services for.

in the future, consumers and distributors trading on taobao day cat, constantly supply channel, by 1688, and then the channel the individuality demand consumer feedback to the manufacturers, and to guide them. 1688 platform services can be in the business integration and the help of digital, break the limitation of market regionalization, better help small and medium-sized clothing enterprise.