Alibaba jian wang: there were no private cloud

“as well as in the power of refrigerators, washing machines, TV, cloud computing also need their own ‘refrigerators’,’ washing machine, TV, this is ali cloud formed the cause of the town in the cloud.” The afternoon of May 21, alibaba group chief technology officer jian wang in the sixth China cloud computing conference, said the town in “the cloud” is committed to establish a Chinese cloud computing real cloud ecosystem in history, some large and medium-sized enterprises, there are only a few employees start-up, is really the pursuit of cloud computing technology partnership.

town in “the cloud” is located in hangzhou pond, that there is a park, it is really to serve customers with cloud computing customers. Jian wang, these customers, as in the use of electricity use in cloud computing, let cloud computing have their own “refrigerator” and “washing machine” and “TV”… And extend to all walks of life and where you might imagine.

jian wang, said in the past to see some very humble people, maybe they didn’t conditions and opportunity for Beijing to attend the conference on cloud computing, but they are really in the use of cloud computing change history, change life, to set up the cloud computing ecosystem. Among them, the garden is one of the only three people blog business web site, but their CEO du, but in the past 12 months, has written more than 70 blog to specifically discuss the problems in ali cloud computing platform. “I want to be a lot of people are talking about very lofty ideal, but some seriously to pursue the real technology, this is I see examples of most cloud computing technology.”

in addition, jian wang also revealed that on June 12, is expected to AnCun technology will jointly held a press conference with the government, it will tell you the first time, can put the financial security of the electronic certificate on the cloud, and the judicial recognition of data on the cloud computing as a valid electronic evidence.

“today, both the government and the practice, awareness of security is beyond everyone’s imagination. We are talking about the safe a lot of time, but in the end where you found the most safe? Put your things on the cloud is the safest. AnCun technology case tell you this, it is the first time you of the data, including your screenshots of the images on the cloud, you can take it as electronic evidence to the court. In a sense, cloud computing is to promote the development of the society. So my feeling is you are talking about some looks very important thing, but practitioners far walk in front of us.”

jian wang believes that when many people are still talking about the public clouds and private clouds, practitioners have come to the front. He believes that in the near future, you will see many world 500 strong enterprises ran to ali cloud computing. “At that time you will find that the original spend so much time to discuss the problem of public or private cloud cloud is not worth it, because your customers will choose with their feet, tell you what is the best.”

when it comes to town in ‘the cloud’ set up after the cloud computing ecosystem, will bring the industry how to change. Jian wang believes that in the past 30 years, everyone around the computer and software, and the next 30 years, is the cloud computing, big data and the mobile Internet era. “Ali cloud have a client, is an ordinary road-mender, perennial traveling between qinling mountain near thousands of kilometers railway, he had to get the same responsible for railway track maintenance workers, through the issued by the department of cloud computing to download some important documents and notices, solved the difficult problems such as information transmission tunnel.”

“it let me understand one thing, the real change of the society, isn’t that appear to high-tech enterprises with cloud computing, is not the world top 500 in cloud computing, but seemingly has nothing to do with cloud computing businesses and people, also began to use cloud computing.” Jian wang believes that if ‘town in the cloud can make cloud computing extended to such a place, and let these people began to use cloud computing, then the idea to reach, is also set up the real cloud ecosystem.