Ali’s $249 million investment in Singapore postal, betting on electricity international logistics

alibaba group announced today, will be to Singapore postal investment s $312.5 million ($249 million) the latter 190096000 shares and 30000000 shares for storage. After the completion of the investment, alibaba group will receive a 10.35% stake in Singapore post.

at the same time, the two companies signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation, to establish “international electricity logistics platform”, to grasp the huge potential of e-commerce opportunities in southeast Asia. Cooperation will absorb the Singapore postal international postal, logistics capability, and infrastructure and strong distribution network, for the alibaba group’s customers and merchants to provide end-to-end logistics solutions. After a few months, the two sides will continue to discuss a joint venture, investment in the international e-commerce logistics industry.

cooperate with Singapore post, is that alibaba international, is an important step in the electricity business ecosystem to global extension. Speed sell tong, taobao, Tmall overseas business, Tmall international natural ecological system of cross-border links to ali, matching consumers and suppliers worldwide. Together with the Singapore post set up after the “international electricity logistics platform”, alibaba’s consumers and businesses will gain global transport, fast customs clearance, warehousing services, the last kilometer distribution such as the core competitiveness of supply chain. Thus, ali ecological system can not only benefit China’s online population, will also service of global consumers.

Singapore postal is leading in southeast Asia, reliable communication and electronic business logistics providers, with over 150 years of history, as Singapore’s national postal service. Singapore postal through its domestic and international postal services provide reliable overall service plan, and according to individual consumers and businesses, provide advanced digital solutions. With its regional network and infrastructure, the new postal has the ability to integrate and provide perfect e-commerce logistics solutions, including goods transportation, storage, delivery and returns, including Internet solutions for customers. At present, Singapore postal electronic commerce and its related business accounted for 26% of its total revenue.