All cars, high-quality personal second-hand car trading platform, bigger market after the car

no intermediary, only to find high quality used car options available. Price shall be owner, buy at ease, the subsequent thing to everyone. Everyone in the car do second-hand C2C between owners and buyers. The biggest killer is erased the used car industry accumulated many years of criticism and pain points.

traditional used-car market, price is not transparent, lead to dealer in this field at both ends to eat , a person eat sell cars don’t know, second-hand car prices on the price pressure is very low, and the other one for car buyers to distraction, as sales of chicken blood, touted as described, decorate a false, to put it bluntly use lemon effect, two head to eat. After users pay the check, the biggest risk also pass on to come over immediately. The follow-up after-sales service, quality assurance is careless eye strategy of virtual false false.

in fact, two head too big eat, use the make an issue of lemon also endure. But the most important is the car itself. According to the views of all cars CEO li, with all the current standards, home almost half of all used car pass their audit. But in the end these vehicles or flow to the market. No matter how cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation, marketing play car product is bad, all is lost, the victim is always paying customers.

from the perspective of media, everyone is borrowed from American car beepi a similar pattern, made a innovation mode of second-hand car trading, located on the high quality of C2C transactions of second-hand car. Summary way, everyone car as a vehicle identification to the prosecution, options for individuals do very detailed inspection quality, qualified on all car platform after sale. Finally on the buyer side charge three percent service charge.

an example to illustrate the model and characteristics between everyone in this car. if the user wants to sell cars, the first condition is that his car must meet 6 years/100000 km high quality personal cars, and midway on the number of hands must be few . In the user will know before selling cars or play all car customer service telephone consultation related to whether meet the conditions of the test car. This point, the high quality options.

if the user car to satisfy these conditions, next, car everyone send their full-time experience test car division the appointment time on-site inspection car , everyone here car vehicle examination division will be done for the whole car is 249 professional testing. Continue to rule out the personal car, car accident, water etc do not belong to the high quality used car. Pricing, if continue to meet the user’s own everyone will provide them with models of the used car or at this time for the same model of pricing for reference . , after the completion of all handlebar this car selling information on all the car’s official website to sell.

the user sees the vehicle sales information, can be in official website booking a car, call customer service will tell us the more detail of car buyers to this car to car buyers in the mind have a more real understanding. By the way, will inform buyers and sell cars people set up a time to the car door. (this, buyers need to pay 1000 yuan deposit, avoid defaults, is in order to guarantee the interests of the owner) to the appointed time, test the car’s vehicle examination division with sellers and buyers will go to place the car trade. Deal to end all car charge three percent service charge.

the three percent service charge included all car to car users to provide free warranty 1 year or 20000 kilometers. There are 14 days no reason to return the car service. And provide free transfer vehicle.

this story is very simple actually, broke the used-car market for point, high quality personal second-hand options, price transparency, changed the car users need to catch up with the industry insider shopping around and the price is not transparent. Sell cars as simple as shopping, a car in the process of learning cost will become low . Can do it in the C2C type fast high quality transparent second-hand car trading.

everyone founder li, is a former director of baidu’s youngest products, 58, vice President, Microsoft Asia Internet, vice President of the academy of engineering, smile said both ground and know how to tall. Co-founder tie-jun zhao before baidu business operations director, baidu LBS, deputy general manager, the other is a Du Xiyong, first Pacific auto web editor, with more than 10 years experience in automotive industry.

in fact, from the perspective of the idea of the whole li car for everyone, li want to do is not only used car sales this pain points. high quality personal second-hand car trading platform positioning can bring high quality selling owners and owners, this dynamic business tag will constantly switch between users. users used the future of the after-sales service and the whole car after car market is everyone want to do but also suppress the big moves.

look at the current data, in 2013, domestic second-hand car trading market volume of more than 5 million units, hundreds of billions of market scale, and the present explosive growth in two or three years. Capital in the used car is active. Now everybody also received $5 million in A car. Here next conclusion: all in order to reduce transaction costs and provide efficient services O2O will have good prospects of .

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