All civil strife insider: what a mess! Chen is accused of management

cloud network hunting note: executive Joseph Chen, Chen, and executives yell, everyone has become the focus of the industry of civil strife. Several years of decline, behind the truth is that all business executives almost all the departure of Chen, is refers to the inappropriate. The scenery of renren, still can come back?

the author: trish nan

an inconceivable email, revealed all executives civil strife of the tip of the iceberg.

vice President abruptly announced departure and accused the boss to be “very negative”, the Internet industry in China are extremely rare, renren last week.

every company is responsible for the strategic development, vice President of selena du said in internal e-mails, “in everyone, vice President for three years, although there are many opportunities to say to you, although I don’t want to say, but I have to say you both as a leader or to be” very negative “. I want to leave immediately.”

insiders revealed that selena du this email sent to everyone not only the chairman Chen, also cc all executive officers, directors, investment circle celebrities, and partners.

selena du this email on all company internal and external caused an uproar. Is on a business trip outside Chen and COO liu an immediate end to the work in hand back to Beijing, the plane, liu immediately mail to reassure employees, Chen also explained to all staff of what happened in the second day.

“it is the most unexpected work since I receive an email.” Joseph said, the company recently invested in a technology start-up, selena du in the process of due diligence, the company deeply attracted by the company’s technology and prospects, insist on going to the company as CEO position very much. He thinks that selena du, however, are not the best CEO candidates, so before the event happened.

in Rome is not build in one day, selena du with attachment of sina science and technology, said leaving reason relates to commercial secrets don’t want to say more, but things not so simple.

internal conflict Yang Muhan: cause I dead!

in selena du 2 days before the incident, Chen, still with the company’s another executive Yang Muhan conflict. Chen under Yang Muhan everyone site message, calling it “family do product is full of competition and renren, oneself with the team the whole army is personal, staff personal loyalty to you, no loyalty to the company, false, said more than sing well. Life need so tired?”

Yang Muhan channel head is renren campus, as well as another applauded, founder and former executive everyone jack xu’s wife. This month, jack xu company launched a anonymous social software “crow”, at the same time, everyone has a similar function of software “beep”. Chen, inadvertently see one post, said renren campus ambassador in the state to promote “the raven”, this raises his dissatisfaction.

Yang Muhan explained that the campus ambassador is just send a screenshot software, even the name of the software didn’t mention this happened. Her reply Chen said: “I am not loyal to you? I’m not your army can I stay here for eight years!”

the incident, Yang Muhan resigned from renren. Sina science and technology through Yang Muhan telephone, she almost cry, she said, “I recently mood is very poor, thank you for your concern. It is a misunderstanding, I was very wrong.”

Yang Muhan is renren patriarch, only one of the founding team still stay at the company’s employees. “She has been responsible for promoting campus channels, can say no Yang Muhan, there would be no renren today.” Everybody a former executive recalls, “renren initial user, upon Yang Muhan school put up posters, pronounce with the campus ambassador chicken leg.”

“said Joseph Chen Yang Muhan not loyal to the company, the team became the army, it is not fair.” Campus ambassador is students, the executives said, some of these students from freshman year start help everyone to work, after graduation later became all the staff, it’s normal to Yang Muhan feelings more deep.

“Yang Muhan deep feelings for renren, relationship with Mr Chen has been also good, otherwise can’t stay in everyone.” The executives said, “although Yang Muhan head, not products, technology and other core work, but the campus channel is the lifeblood of everyone at the earliest. Within the company, Yang Muhan though not vice President, but the influence is not inferior to vice President, even than selena du have say more, said Yang Muhan off-ramped I don’t believe it.”

a month four executives left

renren, insiders said Yang Muhan departure as early as two months ago, Chen always wanted her to stay, continue to retain, but Yang Muhan has basically not go to work.

the Yang Muhan are planning in the aspect of campus media business, and her departure will take away his part of the team, which caused strong dissatisfaction with Mr Chen. The insiders believe that it is for this reason that Chen denounced Yang Muhan events, Chen is a “point”.

sina science and technology, in addition to Yang Muhan and selena du, renren and two vice President is going to leave my position, respectively is in charge of government affairs He Hongzhen topaz and responsible for product technology. He Hongzhen has told friends in a small scope, in the next few days will leave the company. The topaz departure within the company has is “open secret”.

this means that all the company will have four executives, in a month as listed since high erosion is the most serious one month.

since going public in 2011, everyone started on a path of “down”. That time, all the company’s all net + glutinous rice net + + game everyone graticule package, describes himself as Facebook + company + company + Linkedin.

listed, after several major lines of business is not as imagined as a quick dash at the time, but is under siege. Renren suffered weibo and micro letter Nemesis, combined with the product has not been improved, active users rapid decline; Glutinous rice network into the thousands regiment war “people’s war”, sold to baidu after several years of losses; Much-maligned games business for brush list once to become “king of brush list”; Graticule for many years.

everyone’s share price from when the highest $24, fell to $3, nearly two years to impress. Executive team began to enter into turmoil, CMO, kong departure; Responsible for all games, vice President of He Chuan departure (officials say sick); Responsible for wireless business vice President wu jiang to join the street network.

a number of executives accused Mr Chen of choose and employ persons not

several former executives at everyone with sina science and technology, about Chen, said Chen, good character, not the salt of the earth, but the major problems in the aspects of choose and employ persons. A former executive says, even everyone decline so far because Chen, “the inappropriate”.

“do not take the fostered their people and foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture, the new arrivals as the background, no matter how ability can be very high position.” These people said.

“Chen, don’t trust the old staff, vigorously recruiting foreign executives, and put the old and new employees in similar position, let two people competition.” Another senior employees believe that this arrangement side provoked infighting, as a result, the company in the waves, a wave than a wave.

a renren employee revealed that Yang Muhan is such an important reason for leaving at the end of last year the company airborne Hu Chen one market vice President,, report to the Yang Muhan Hu Chen wants to delimit Yang Muhan part of the business to a new team, this Yang Muhan disquiet.

before joining everyone, Hu Chen once was the founder of the group of 800. It is interesting to note that he also was Yang Muhan husband jack xu of the university students, “the relationship between the upper and lower”. “Since joining Hu Chen, the power of the Marketing Department has been expanding, channels and departments have been squeezed.” The staff said.

he said an internal discussion of “pregnant women scandal”, “two months ago, channels of a pregnant women somehow with another team, the head of the fierce conflicts, by plugging in the door of the office to lambaste, the results of the female employees almost heartbroken.”

in the opportunities are missing

infighting not just happening in the market and channel division, in the technology sector, the story is the same. Previous remarks department staff xiao fang (a pseudonym) told sina science and technology of the technical department of “infighting story”.

in the party has just entered the company, jack xu, vice President, director of renren. When everyone is also called thousand oaks, oak Pacific, there are a lot of business, renren is just one of them. After the departure of jack xu, his position by two people to succeed, topaz and wu jiang.

on the surface, the two men’s division of labor is very clear, topaz pipe host (web), wu jiang wireless terminal. But this set directly led to a split in the renren, becoming a master station and wireless team two departments, two men, two product director, technical director, mutually dependent, ones.

The people on both sides of the

“often because of different ideas and fight, and the problem is mutual shuffle. The most funny is, there were two sets of the same individual human background system, master station and wireless make a set of each.” Small fang said, everyone at that time, the technology department’s main focus is not on the product development, but make management, to fight, fight for resources, which makes many people lose hope.

“for a time, everyone in the era of miss jack xu, at least with the standard at that time, direction, know the where to go.” Small fang said.

are all company technical department constantly struggle, the external environment is undergoing changes. First kaixin rely on stealing food rapid rise to shunt the renren users, after the rapid rise of the weibo, let everyone by surprise.

a former executive recalls, weibo appeared before, everyone just did a class on Twitter, a team at that time of day and night for three weeks, but in the end not online was cut down, the reason is that companies think this kind of product is a weak relationship between product, lack of viscous than Facebook renren has become China’s.

“in the micro letter, everyone also issued a similar product called ‘direct messages, getting rid of the all client DMS function force, and become a separate client, it aroused strong opposition from the user, finally had to compromise, to direct messages closed.” The executive said, the company seems to be only for short term rapid product interested, lack of patience and continuing to pour money into.

Chen, “old pick my son”?

Leave everyone, the

small said another reason is that the company treat employees “is too dig. For example, he said, the company’s share price more than 5 pieces, option license price is 9.99 yuan, the equivalent of the option is a total waste paper.

options, low wages, less, this is more than before the common impression of all company employees. A sources, glutinous rice founder Shen Boyang when everyone is a very low wage at the time, when the glutinous rice in agreement with baidu, also did not complete the acquisition, Chen, mandatory Shen Boyang shorting all the options, because the price is higher, so Shen Boyang in everyone is equivalent to not earn any money.

everyone is former executives, for example, a company have an executive director at that time, only 2000 pieces of the signature of the lines, “the poorest of the poor” executive director.

but also have contrary to these employees point of view, an investor thinks, as the company CEO Chen, control spending, can look for ways to save money for the company this just proves that Mr Chen is a qualified manager.

everyone go?

in an interview with sina science and technology, all her old employees always diffuse among them, the high tube, big companies, strategy is not clear, is that they mention the most content.

jack xu couldn’t resist to stand out, in weibo vociferate to Chen: “I do, you stop. Applauded I do, you do bam bam. I’ll do a crow, you also do. And your contemporaries is lei jun, Zhou Hongyi, Mr. Ma, Mr. Li. I just you never apprentice, you are not my enemy.”

compared to the company’s business, Chen seems to put more energy on the investment, elong, Vipshop, he again and again ready to seize the moment, has been more than four times the investment income, stabilize the company’s financial situation.

after years of development, and everyone has quietly started. At the end of last year, and everyone will product positioning to return to the origin, focus on young people, released a refocus the campus market strategy.

in selena du email incident, renren said in the official reply to media, half a year to speed up the pace of product updates, everyone on users as recovery are indicators of focus strategy change among young people.

“this year the company’s internal theme called RE – START, in the course of a return to the entrepreneurial spirit in the company, we, as always, thank the media friends to give opinions and Suggestions, objective and professional Angle transformation, of course, is not easy, we still on the way.” All the company official said.

source: sina science and technology