Also to talk about the hammer!

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the author: li

the old conference is still a stand-up, seemingly cow X, but in fact it is so. Have to hand it to Mr. Luo logical ability and disarming, side scold the heap data from other manufacturers, and users don’t understand the parameters of the cheat consumers, side with their parameters, and then added “I like you, don’t understand these, anyway this is the best”. This and ray booth was a difference between “non-super”.

hammer mobile phone hardware there is no where is not high, so what even the best hardware. Is the current domestic situation, 1699,, 1799, 1999 can buy this configuration. So old when opening the question out “what kind of phone is worth 4000?” Had asked the watch live together, he can’t really sell for 4000? At that time, the first feeling is, unless the old poor crazy, otherwise cannot sell for 4000, Mr. Luo just to give you instill a “the phone is worth 4000, I sell you 3000, did you make!” Then validate it happens. Mr. Luo has always wanted to go a different way, but a lot of problems can’t avoid, who make Chinese people are like the best, most vendors and followed, Shouting “the best CPU, screens, one of the best camera”, I was not for the old slogan, in today’s mobile phone market, hardware homogeneity is too serious, hammer this small producers, and has no custom (at least not now), but not much interesting.

old is good at telling stories, and stories of baggage is much, not only let a person know he wants to express, and avoids many problems, such as technology and design, for the first time see the hammer T1, don’t tell me you didn’t think of the iPhone. Say again good, rounded rectangle is a rectangle, even before the apple designers designed rounded rectangle.

the border around the hammer, it looks good, old used “glass fiber composite materials” for many consumers confused again on the tall word, is glass fiber reinforced plastic, sink, toilet, bath crock is the material in your family. Not that he contrived, this kind of material itself is no problem, and the processing difficulty, cost, antenna design is very convenient. The biggest drawback is – off paint! Baidu about zte U795 off paint problems you will understand.

back cover glass polishing is worth, NOKIA use first, gionee later also used, but the former two are used on the front panel, the hammer on the rear panel to ya, so do increase cost, but of lifting handle, concrete can improve how much still depends on the real machine.

processors do not have what to say. Cameras with Fujitsu also is pretty good, but want to say a Fujitsu such big names, usually used to scare people by domestic manufacturers, because Fujitsu ISP chip is hierarchical, Mr. Luo said samsung S5 best imaging of euro, samsung cattle because with your ISP. And domestic manufacturers often use simplified version. Hammer with which version is not clear, imaging how are using the facts, not to anyone.

audio I not much said, Mr. Luo to VIVO xplay 3 s and also through somebody else on the quality of capability as yourself. Mr. Luo said only two words, the frequency response curves and the harmonic distortion for the signal to noise ratio, intermodulation distortion and stereo separation degree word did not mention, you know.

I would say, ROM system the accumulation of this kind of thing need long time to do well, want to chase the front FlyMe and MUUI, hammer, a long way to go! Mr. Luo just made a good start, in terms of system, the way he and too long is too long.

as for 200 dollars a year of insurance screen, is nothing more to say, this is the insurance, broken screen is, after all, a few, Mr. Luo sure only earn not to compensate. Unless there are so many people really carefree egg hurts, will from time to time to break the phone’s screen and then to find old in a screen.

3000 this price is reasonable? Do not need to consider this, reasonable buy man must feel, don’t buy wallet shy or feel worthless. Price is related with your expectations. Said Mr. Luo has been feelings, beliefs, this is not the actual things, selling is fans economy, there will be a lot of people for the sake of his that last sentence “I’m not in order to win or lose, I am seriously,” buying it. This is the place where old clever, he knows how to coax consumers happy, then buy a hammer.

to hammer T1 is worth to buy this question, as I said yesterday, everyone like a product of reason is not the same, as long as you feel value, spend 10000 to buy a nokia 1110 is no problem, if you feel unworthy, 5 yuan to sell, you are too expensive.

in the end, to a picture, that commitment must be sold to jump, ah, as women often say that sentence “men don’t credible”!