Although can’t access, Facebook can still get a lot of from China business interests

since 2009, Facebook has been a “wall”. On May 6, but Facebook executives Vaughan Smith, according to the number of Beijing GMIC on Facebook in China market is good, is developing rapidly. He pointed out that Facebook is a good medium for Chinese enterprises to overseas market promotion, is also one of the best channel for Chinese developers to the global market.

Smith said: “Facebook help China import and export companies have been expanding overseas customer base, at the same time, Facebook’s market is developing rapidly in China. Facebook has 1.3 billion users, currently on the basis of the users, marketers in China through the Facebook platform has reached a fairly good promotion effect.”

many companies from China and developers use Facebook platform for global marketing. , according to Smith, China’s social game development company interest plus FunPlus (boring game) is Facebook in China, one of the depth of the partners. Fun with a game he said the game is the highest among all the retention rate of Facebook, at present there are three interesting plus games on Facebook, animal farm, real story, slot machines, and dreams.

but Smith has not been talked about very detailed, also did not respond to a Facebook have to return to the Chinese market plan in the future. Smith about Facebook intentionally by the project to help more people access to the Internet – the part of users or will focus on southeast Asia, Africa, mostly outside China, so the Facebook into the Chinese market plan or will remain stagnant.

Smith said that Facebook is one of the main motivation of many people surf the Internet on mobile phones – to interact with friends and relatives in a timely manner is people’s nature. Users of Facebook’s location will help Facebook help push more people to the world of the Internet industry, while Facebook after spending $19 billion on acquisitions WhatsApp also plays the key role.

the highest utilization rate on the national market at present basically the application WhatsApp or Facebook. So we are confident that we can see the combination of WhatsApp and Facebook will help to encourage more users into the online world.

meanwhile, Facebook will also gain a big benefit from more online users. Especially when Facebook become a truly global platform, Facebook will become one of the choice of enterprises to carry out the global marketing, and this kind of situation, no matter whether Facebook can enter the Chinese market, will continue in the Chinese market for more users and more rapid development.