Although the mobile phone, samsung software was by the user as garbage

as the “most popular” smartphone (at least from the point of view of number), the giant samsung has been in the software (application) is a lame person. Recently, though samsung efforts for the user to launch a variety of “your application”, but not worth users almost throw all of these applications as “junk”.

by Strategy Analytics samsung users in the United States (GS3 and GS4) conducted a survey, aims to explore the user use samsung creating your own applications and third-party applications between different frequency. The image below for our clearly reveals the answer to this question.

as a response to the competitors in the field of SNS and mobile IM “weapon”, samsung ChatON application of their own, each month the time used by the user only for 6 seconds. Samsung users, by contrast, the average monthly use Facebook and sets a time 11 hours and 2 hours respectively .

in addition, compared with Google’s service, samsung similar application is not very popular. samsung users per month using Google Play, Youtube, Google search time up to 149 minutes, and all involved in the investigation of samsung services combined use time nor more than 10 minutes .

in an interview earlier this month, President of samsung’s media solutions center, responsible for applications and services business samsung Wonpyo Hong pointed out that the software is very important for samsung’s development in future. Samsung internal software development engineers have more than hardware developers. However, Wonpyo Hong said samsung in this respect has a long way to go.

according to the survey, the samsung Galaxy equipment to provide users with the number of applications to be higher than the industry average number 21. But the number is not equal to quality, samsung is to develop the real need is a user application of “empathy”, rather than those who only has a marketing gimmick “junk”.