Amazon 3 d smartphone or at 18, product launches

(editor: horse relief yi)

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, amazon is likely will be held on the 18th of this month a new conference, launched earlier rumours amazon 3 d smartphone.

amazon has released on YouTube video about this new product. In the video we saw a group of excited shaking his head. Interestingly, after reports that the amazon it is through the built-in 3 d smart sensors and cameras, to capture the user’s head movements, thus showing a 3 d image effects for the user.

it is understood that the device like the Kindle, will launch depth customized version of the Android system.

as a home appliance giant, amazon has never given up his efforts in the field of intelligent hardware. Whether KindleFire, or shortly before the Fire of the TV, or may be the upcoming smartphone, amazon’s core purpose is looking for the latest most popular for their own core business platform. It is for the amazon’s “doing nothing”, to get the net profit gains a small company, long kept investors’ interest.