Amazon grocery mail Prime shop: not so fast the grocery distribution

speed and is convenient for most of the online grocery delivery is top priority. Recent financing extended Instacart takes the same day service tenet. In the tri-state area has 600000 Fresh customer Direct service is rolled out two hours of service. Amazon’s Prime Fresh is also emphasis on speed, served on the day and the next morning the two quick delivery.

these services appear to be quite save worry save trouble. Online order after less than a day can sit back and wait for the goods to your door, obviously is very convenient. But enjoy the fast, convenient and even the plant to send later, apparently to pay slightly expensive, users often surprises in the goods quickly to your door at the same time, estimates of the costs also get a little dreary exercise alone.

less willing to buy groceries in a big way the user can see what amazon Prime sanxin launched this week shop services. Prime shop is designed for Prime providing FCL shopping distribution requirements, a maximum of delivery the goods 45 pounds, for just $5.99. In the process of user shopping, amazon’s system will automatically calculate the remaining space.

Prime looked less goods shop main miscellaneous, formally meet the daily needs of average household, also let users do not have to abruptly tuen on a pile of things to the pursuit of discount – before the user needs to buy a certain amount of items to enjoy preferential freight, now the single buy can also be delivered free of charge. Have to say Prime shop for those who want to enjoy online shopping convenient Courier but unwilling to bear the high cost of users is quite attractive.

Prime shop in addition to the service fees reflect superiority, the selling price of goods is what is to let a person enchanted. Amazon is slogan of “low discount”, many coupons can come in handy. At first glance, the Prime on the shop selling price is cheaper than FreshDirect and Instacart many, even considering shipping fee of $5.99 on still has advantages. (some estimates will be asked about the Prime membership fee of $99, based on the Prime shop for itself is Prime membership, so this is a fee of $99 to a sunk cost, temporarily no.)

say so many Prime benefits of shop, this is also to talk about a bug where speed. Can say amazon can depress Prime shop service price, because the article on the delivery speed. According to amazon’s official, most orders will be completed within 4 working days delivery, but amazon also did not give a specific time to ensure that Prime – visible shop although and Prime division out of the stuff, but it didn’t take too much of the Prime quality quickly.

the Prime shop goods are not complete, non perishable goods temporarily not supply at present, therefore, rather than worry about the reservation in the road will never the bad things, beautiful idea to plan your shopping earlier order is the truth.

anyway Prime shop for entangled with the grocery delivery high prices is a good candidate for customers. And for amazon, there might be a Prime shop as a transition, future Prime Fresh acceptance will further increase.