Amazon HBO rivals become Allies, the optimizing of the Amazon Prime video services

speaking of Amazon Prime, in addition to the familiar express service, but there is a program called Prime Instant Video Video service, and an annual fee of $79 is equivalent to let users at the same time enjoy the dual function of express + Netflix.

amazon recently launched the Fire TV and homemade drama, these measures have also let media speculation about whether the other video services will be how to face, more reports at HBO will not calm.

however, you never know, but this side HBO and amazon signed long-term cooperation agreement, its many excellent programs moved to Prime Instant Video platforms, including once-hot sopranos, six feet under, wire, etc. Also included in the cooperation project HBO in recent years, a new empire, Atlantic city girl (Girls), the newsroom, and vice President (Veep), but these new will stay HBO premiere landing after three years in succession to Prime Instatn Video.

it is worth mentioning that the cooperation content temporarily not mentioned in the rights, such as popular big game production, HBO is also visible to save the state of mind, give yourself a few large chips in his hand.

but overall, the HBO cooperation with amazon is generally regarded as a great transformation of its style. HBO always with cable shows as a field, which is its and Netflix rival. The amazon will HBO smoothly into Allies have to say it’s quite well. The cooperation program will be on May 21, landing Prime Instant Video.

in addition, based on the Prime Instant Video in a series of cooperation, HBO Go will also on amazon’s new Fire TV set-top boxes. But according to the plan of the two companies, HBO Go estimates to the end of the year to complete action.