Amazon into the local service, rob 58 domestic electricity chamber of commerce of your job?

according to, the amazon will be involved in the local labor market this year. In a nutshell, is the electricity giant can not only to sell all the sale items, but also the human resources as a commodity, to provide customers in need.

so far, amazon has not reacted to the news.

Reuters quoted the sources said, amazon’s local labor market scope of business covers temporary take care of young children, handyman, birthday clown labor services, etc. It is understood that amazon will be the first to select a single market launch of the service.

amazon earlier this year with a Thumbtack cooperation, which is one of the main local labor service startup, has 63000 service providers. Thumbtack had raised $49 million from sequoia capital and other investors in the capital.

the local labor market contains huge development prospects. Previously, according to a survey of the local labor market size alone will be $400 billion.

if amazon going into the local labor market, so we can not help but ask, same as electricity giant of ali and jingdong will also has plans to or are about to enter this lucrative market? The answer is, it should be possible.

electrical contractor and local labor market has a natural proximity and advantage.

in the first place, human resource is a commodity in itself. To comprehensively build electric business platform for ali and jingdong, expansion “labor resources” category understandable;

second, labor market to a certain extent, the downstream industry can be converted into electricity. The excessive does not exist too big gap between the two. For example, when we are in taobao bought a water heater. At present can only solve the ordering, payment, electricity distribution to send the whole shopping process. But it cannot solve “and install the offline just need to be of service. Local labor market, both to increase their business scope, and can be complementary and its own electricity business.

again, electricity giant has long played a role of third party vendors agent. It at the same time of communication the labor service provider, to provide the demand for credit guarantee. Ali, for example, use pay treasure as means of payment of labor service. After completion of the services provide a period of time, let the user make evaluation on the service, to provide the demand side is similar to not satisfied discount, even free again to provide gratis service safeguard mechanism of a third party.

of course, to enter the local Labour market with considerable difficulty. Especially in 58 city, market network and other local classifieds site already do popular today. Electricity giant’s chances in, however, the current existing competitors, is facing a serious user credit crisis and poor service experience.