Amazon mobile phone material costs $205, higher than the cost of the iPhone 5 s

the amazon FirePhone mobile phone used for assembly parts in total cost about $205, dismantling, the paper points out the research firm IHS.

will publish a report on Tuesday, Re/code to study all the details of our company will be this kind of mobile phone is out of the show, and the cost of internal components. Amazon does not to comment.

amazon FirePhone phone parts cost price is higher than apple’s iPhone 5 s, but lower than that of samsung’s Galaxy S5, ATT version of the mobile phone is priced at $199 contract, contract model is priced at $650.

about FirePhone an unusual feature is its Dynamic Perspective (Dynamic Perspective feature), according to Walt Mossberg comments last week, it can allow the user to interact with mobile phones are diverse, including tilted her head or mobile phones this special action and interaction.

this feature is controlled by four sensors, sensor distribution in the four corners, and it is used to determine the Angle position of the user and the equipment. Sensor is provided by Omnivision company, ISH is responsible for the disassembly operations analyst Andrew Rassweiler said. “on the phone, this one unique. However, the user can find it is a useful feature is the problem. In addition, from the Angle of hardware, the phone is just a very ordinary phone.” Amazon has said, in the hope that software developers to develop new software to make full use of the new features.

in offering amazon FirePhone mobile parts company, big winner is wireless chip maker qualcomm, it can provide the main processor of mobile phones and as many as nine different components. Main processor is qualcomm Xiao special edition of the dragon, is a popular chip and it has been widely used with other mobile phone, including samsung Galaxy S5, nokia 1520 and the company zte Grand S II.

amazon clearly will choose to save a few dollars in FirePhone 4.7 inch screen, the screen can only support 720 p resolution, according to not complete 1080 p. Display the comprehensive cost of about $27, IHS noted. However, in the previous IHS report: iPhone5s at the time of last year, the cost of the screen at about $43, the Galaxy of S5 screen cost about $63.

after the June 18, amazon released FirePhone, CEO Jeff Bezos says it’s a secret plan the program design course of the “four years. Amazon’s stock jumped after initially released at the conference, but then fell back.

is another unique characteristic of mobile phone are, it is a visual identification function, to allow the user to cell phone camera to identify the different products. According to Mr Bezos, it can identify the nearly 100 million different products.

the parts cost means that mobile phone will have a good profit margins, the amazon into the smartphone industry is a little late, is almost in the apple iPhone after seven years, in this area. Rassweiler said, standing outside the circle is an extremely difficult thing to make money, this, in turn, want to make money from mobile phone market is a very thorny problem.

amazon in research and development invested a lot of money on mobile phone, the only way to recovery cost only by selling more number of mobile phone to solve this problem.