Amazon mobile phones latest spy exposure is expected to be released in June

according to foreign media reports BGR, electricity giant amazon wants to move into the mobile phone market is not a secret, a few days ago, a suspected the latest photos of amazon smartphone was reported. From the photos, the phone like the iPhone and the mixture of Galaxy S series, only the thickness increases.

photos show that this kind of mobile phone of the front and back panel should be glass, back cover with amazon’s logo, inferior smooth borders could be plastic or metal material. Look from the front, the Home button and the overall layout and some similar samsung Galaxy S series, and chamfering edge design is similar to the iPhone.

amazon mobile latest spy exposure (image from BGR)

, according to people familiar with the amazon mobile phones will be pre-loaded Data services Prime Data, and video, books, music and so on amazon’s own service. In addition, amazon may also be launching a low-end version of the price is relatively cheap, the latter’s camera and 3 d function configuration will be declined.

as a trump card in the field of mobile products amazon, amazon will be equipped with a 4.8 -inch 720 p display, carrying qualcomm Xiao dragon processor, the rear camera to 13 million pixels. It is worth mentioning that this machine has 6 cameras, support 3 d effect, according to the price is a more cost-effective, will be released on June, sale in the third quarter.