Amazon online 3 d printing shop, provide customized online services

in the amazon recently launched 3 d printing shop, provide customized services, users can according to your requirements of size, color, material, or even design details. Now the store business coverage to cover jewelry, electronic products, toys, games, home decoration, kitchen equipment and so on, also including Mixee, Sculpteo, and 3 DLT and other partners to provide products.

the amazon sales director Petra Schindler – Carter said that 3 d printing shop online retail launch means could usher in a new changes, customer demand will be more diversified, and retail stores response to customer demand will be more flexible.

meanwhile, amazon also combined with 3 d printing shop online introduced a personalization of small tools, the user can modify some basic design elements within the application, choose a color, material, etc., and can rotate 360 ° view stereo effect of finished product, at the same time, the indexes of thickness to adjust some of the items can also. Amazon has said it would always value, and try to personalized service.

3 d printing shop products have different prices, the most populist price around $30, according to different size, material, the price will increase again.

it is worth noting that the amazon now provide only has 3 d product, temporarily does not support like Shapeways users to upload their own design. According to the current situation, the amazon or hope to be able to control the product quality to a certain extent, and avoid customer design teaching cost alone, but in the future, when the 3 d design, print, is more popular, the amazon’s 3 d shop may support more self-help, independent design printing services.