Amazon push “real” electricity mobile phone, how dare priced at $649? !

amazon’s first smartphone came. As hunting cloud network previously reported, this is a 3 d display effect, closely integrated with amazon electrical business equipment. But to have been “exceed market expectations” at a low price strategy and win the amazon, now the Fire Phone contract price of $199, or $649 in bare machine price, not cheap. Why the amazon can put the price so high? The most to be able to read in the mind of the consumer bezos, whether his courage come from? Amazon this phone will not shake the iPhone and samsung’s status?

point not on the hardware

from the amazon released part of mobile Phone configuration request, the Fire Phone can only is a high-end phones, from this year’s flagship configuration there is a big gap.

4.7 inch screen, 720 p resolution;

2.2 GHz qualcomm 800 processor;

2 gb of RAM; 32/64 gb storage space;

13 million pixels main camera.

although the Fire Phone before and after using the corning gorilla glass, surrounding the class leather tactility material, but still do not have comparable on HTC M8 tall.

the most is still difficult to understand is that the Fire Phone does not support bluetooth 4.0. This means that the phone is a popular wearable devices on the market at present connection, will consume too much power. According to the amazon’s official description, the Fire Phone because it is support AT& T 4 g network services.

in the true sense “electricity mobile phone”

if only from the hardware, the Fire Phone really isn’t worth the price. But like early Kindle, amazon does not hope and many competitors compete hardware. The Fire is the advantage of the Phone software features, and amazon electric business together and mutually reinforcing.

“quasi” 3 d display effect smartphone

in general said that the Fire Phone is a 3 d effect of smartphone, somewhat flattering. By mobile Phone screen face four sensor cameras (yes, the Fire Phone is a have 6 cameras “with strange”), the Phone can track the user’s head movements, and rely on the system algorithm, and presents the different point of view for the user “extra” content. This is the Fire Phone one of the most prominent selling point. We think that this is not a pure gimmick (although the ingredients), on the contrary it giant big image space. After the Wall Street journal, for example, analysts pointed out that this feature allows users to 360 – degree view the selected items.

what’s more, in the crowded smartphone market, not something different “trick” is absolutely can’t attract eyeball. IPhone 5 s fingerprint identification, the Galaxy S5 had heart rate detector, HTC M8 to have the depth of field to adjust dual cameras, amazon mobile wants to gain a foothold, have a 3 d display effect is also understandable.

are, make mobile scanning recognition machine “commodity”

if the 3 d display effect is somewhat stunt, so are is the ultimate goal of hidden behind amazon intelligence project. Using trademark are scanning the qr code, all kinds of solid content, the Fire Phone will then provide users with information about the goods, and jump straight to the amazon website. It seems, are like a bridge, is the mobile phone users are connected at one end, and connects to the amazon. It lets users shopping process more seamless, at the same time, more important is to not let users all the time in the electricity business with amazon “indirect correlation”.

of course, this commodity scanning recognition is not amazon initiative. IOS and Android platform has seen a similar application. But the amazon is the first one to have the ability to put the “hardware” entrance, “software scan”, “purchase” united the whole process of the company.

some of the other features, increased with the iOS rivals such as weight of a rival

Second Screen : this feature allows the user to a mobile phone video “translation to amazon Fire TV.” The target is AirPlay rivals.

24 hours customer service support

: will last year with the Kindle Fire HDX launch MayDay artificial customer service functions, to join the Fire Phone.

bezos’ books: the phone is already cost price

bezos said at the news conference, the Fire Phone price already very low. To build a mobile phone with 3 d effect need to invest a lot of research and development costs. Of course, the following also nots allow to ignore:

bezos seems more hope this kind of mobile phone operators marketing channels. And AT& T’s exclusive sales plan, just let the phone at a price of $199. Not only that, the phone also supports the interest-free installments.

bezos presenting every purchase Fire Phone customers free amazon senior members of the service a year. This means that the contract machine price down from $199 to $100. And this number even landmark Moto E is lower than the $49.

, amazon is committed to the Fire Phone users to provide pictures of unlimited cloud storage service.

Fire Phone will be successful?

must be clarified that cloud network editor jun knows his hunting is not eligible to predict the fate of a mobile phone. Because the product’s ultimate fate has always been in the hands of the masses of users. However, cloud network or hunting would provide a little feeling for you.

the Fire Phone would ever be successful? This problem from a different evaluation standards, will have different predictions.

want to shake the status of the iPhone and samsung, basic impossible. This from the “dedicated” for many years the Kindle Fire is still less than 2% of the share is evident.

but as a bearing the amazon “all sales can sell objects, close the distance between users and products” at the heart of the target, the Fire Phone launch is perfect timing. Compared with pure electric business applications, amazon electricity entrance must be as much as possible. Application is a software system, electricity is a, now turn to hardware. Smartphones as user carry computing devices, it can have an advantage more than any other entrance, more user personalization data can be collected. And this is the amazon is most needed. In view of this, if amazon mobile phone in the next few years to reach the level of similar to the Kindle, also there is a small achievement. Bezos to come after all didn’t want to make money by selling hardware.