Amazon will push similar to the Square of the mobile payment card reader

(compile: zhu ning)

amazon seemed to want to launch a new hardware. Staples inc. Inventory system within a document indicates that amazon is almost ready to launch its own similar Square card reader, to compete with Square and PayPal Here.

this inventory copies of documents to the 9 to 5 provides unpublished products “amazon reader” message. This product $9.99, according to the site, or sale on August 12.

although there is no more information revealed, but it’s not hard to see it released completely accords with the Wall Street journal earlier this year. The report pointed out that amazon are working on similar Square the reader’s point of sales system. This product does not match the device or iPhone, which will be used for the Kindle Fire tablet. It also points out that amazon will focus on low cost small retailers. From bloomberg another report mentioned in June last year, amazon’s experimental version of 126 are working on a credit card payment system.

amazon already has extensive payment platform, but it cannot solve the problem of point of sale. Amazon Payments online processing system into competition with PayPal’s traditional products. Amazon also released last week naked mobile wallet application software, to help users on a mobile phone to collect gifts and loyalty CARDS. The current this app is expanding, for the upcoming card reader project is uncertain. If amazon decided to launch this product, we will get more information in the next few weeks.