Amazon will release a what kind of mobile phone?

we all know that amazon is releasing a new phone. But this kind of mobile phone configuration, characteristic and price?

let’s guess from all kinds of public information.

features: 3 d

amazon on YouTube preheating video, 36 kr have been moving video to youku:

well, the main content of this video is a group of people around the discussion of amazon’s mobile phone. All sorts of praise, of course, even the praise. But in the video has been fixed in the user’s chest above, do not give the audience with their hand machine itself, are you appetite.

in the “Move with me” praise, such as the device is likely as legend is equipped with 3 d function, can to use it to track the user’s head movements.

3 d interaction is nothing new, HTC and LG have tried (and failed). HTC and LG is by adding the special filter on the upper screen realize 3 d interaction, amazon using some other means, but it may be a sensor or other new hardware, otherwise unable to realize the function of track users movement.

in addition, amazon will likely be the 3 d effect, and its core business – electricity – combined, realize 3 d display of network goods, in order to improve the user’s mobile shopping experience.


in April this year, tech blog BGR exposes amazon’s mobile phone configuration: 4.7 -inch 720 p, qualcomm Xiao dragon screen processor (which is not clear), 2 g RAM, and said this phone is not a top flagship configuration, but similar to MOTOROLA’s Moto X that pay more attention to experience side configuration.

BGR the tech blogs often appear some unreliable gossip, Rumors, but it has a glorious history in terms of exposure amazon hardware, once accurate exposes the Kindle Fire HDX detailed configuration. So this news still have credibility, but does not exclude the amazon in BGR listen to hardware configuration based on the possibility of further updates.

by the way, this is a picture which the BGR exposure:

Price of

of course, this is also the focus of attention.

before the end of the Wall Street journal reporter Jessica Lessin disinformation amazon will launch “smartphones” free official dismissed by amazon, amazon’s official spokesman said at the time.

but in it’s already in June 2014, amazon was published to smartphones. Maybe price won’t be “free”, but in accordance with the amazon style, will be “beyond expectations”.

amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire tablet series are considered slightly is equal to the cost price. Without hardware to profit, but the hardware as amazon distribution channels, content stores. And amazon could be adopted means of sales the Kindle again: version with lower price.

from Kindle ebook reader to the Kindle Fire tablet series, and then to amazon’s mobile phone, electricity, and cloud computing giant amazon more and more “hardware”. Amazon’s hardware is not to the hardware itself, but hopes to control hardware terminal will be distributed its own goods and services to users. Called amazon services, as in the Logo does not sell everything from A to Z as: including everything from electronic appliances to books, raw physical goods, as well as e-books, music and TV show video streaming, online virtual content services, games, application services such as distribution, including the latest to join the local labor and so on.

as long as it is to sell, whether it’s physical goods or virtual goods, services and computing power, is the amazon empire. Amazon has never changed the nature of “electricity”, just the commodity itself connotation and denotation expanded greatly!