Amazon’s first smartphone screenshots exposure: have 6 “eyes”

amazon (possibly) really want to launch smartphones!

yesterday, had widespread rumours of amazon smartphone screenshots. Although outside the mobile phone protection shell, we hard to see the phone “true nature”, but we still see clearly in the picture the so-called amazon phone, actually have as many as 6 cameras.

in the picture above on a total of five cameras. One like ordinary smartphones, is front-facing camera. And the other is located in the four corners of the camera, the phone’s screen is in order to implement the amazon smartphones have previously reported the effect of 3 d display. It is reported, the four cameras can track the user’s head and eye movements, to provide users with more visual Angle and stereo effect.

however, the about amazon mobile phone there are two views in the realization of the 3 d effect. One is BGR the more “positive” attitude. Another kind of view from the same so-called exclusive news Tech at. The latter said amazon’s mobile phone cameras now can only track the head movement, and the so-called 3 d display effect is very limited.

in addition, the BGR also gives a few about amazon’s this kind of mobile phone configuration: 4.7 inch screen, 720 p resolution, 13 million fingers camera, USES a qualcomm chip, 2 gb of RAM.

it is understood that the amazon may is developing two smartphone. Which has the effect of 3 d display equipment as a high-end phones, due out this summer.