Amazon’s investment of $20 million delicious groups is what company?

amazon announced in vertical delicious fresh electric business platform groups, investment amount of $twenty million. Amazon aims to enrich the investment amazon category, as well as help groups to expand the national market.

although cloud network hunting for news, more delicious but amazon investment groups confidentiality measures did very well, and have been to the front of the announcement, before the industry did not have any rumors related.

this is what companies? Hunting cloud network to grilled steak.

but see press release, news manuscript is written like this:

Shanghai delicious groups network technology co., LTD., was formally established in February 2013, provide consumers with first-of-the-season fruit, eggs, meat, poultry, seafood aquaculture, healthy green vegetable, milk products, grain and oil fusi, convenient fast food, snack food, drinks, etc., nine categories of commodities, and the entire match the cold-chain distribution with fast and efficient service.

set up more than a year’s time, get the amazon’s huge investment, really bad, but the company actually has been operating for three years. Zhengda heaven and earth, its predecessor was founded in February 2011, the site launched on May 24, 2011. The board of heaven and earth is zhengda group of investors.

zhengda group is one of the largest Chinese multinational companies in the world, from Chinese industrialists yuchu and xie xie little brother founded in 1921 in Bangkok, Thailand, called the cp group in China. C.p group started with the farming and animal husbandry, business involves feed, aquaculture, food, commercial retail, telecom, medicine, real estate, international trade, logistics, finance, media, Internet, education and industry, and other fields.

on May 8, 2013, “zhengda heaven and earth”, has been renamed “delicious groups”, and enable the new domain name online. Cloud network query hunting company information display, along with the name, delicious groups also becomes a foreign owned enterprise.

zhengda group, aquatic products, international trade background makes delicious groups has a lot of exclusive resources, rich second generation born, greatly increase the competitiveness of the delicious groups.

the amazon to $20 million since the amazon into China was first investment project.

in addition, zhengda group owns zhengda ordinary () fashion shopping site.