AMD will push the world’s first compatible with x86 and ARM chips by the server

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, AMD will soon sell a compatible X 86 and at the same time the ARM architecture of 64 chip motherboard.

which belongs to the Opteron A1100 series products, is a cost of $2999 model, is expected early next year. The developed software of target customers are those who want to in AMD not issued on the server based on ARM, and driver programmer write applications.

this is the first paragraph AMD system based on ARM, AMD hopes to launch by 2016 compatible with X 86 and ARM chips server at the same time. This project is referred to as the Skybridge AMD. AMD selling based on x86 architecture, tablet PC and server chips, also manufacture products for server and embedded ARM chips. Through Skybridge plan, AMD hope compatible X86 and ARM into a server, and for those who want to switch between the two kinds of architecture of customers to provide more flexibility.

AMD server department market sales deputy manager Karl Freund said that the development of the main board was developed could be used for developers to write software, server hardware and component based on Skybridge stepping stone. Not only that, according to user feedback, such a development board can help design the Skybridge server and optimize it. For example, developers can, according to their own product of Skybridge customization in aspects of network security and storage “extended development”.

AMD seems confident to the “compound” product, Freund said that when the Skybridge after product launch of the project, the corresponding hardware and software infrastructure will also mature faster.

due to its low energy characteristics and constantly improve the performance of ARM processor, more effective in some web hosting solutions. ARM occupied the main market is seen as an alternative to Intel 32-bit processing chip selection.

the development board contains a called “Seattle” AMD Opteron A1100 processor, the CPU has based on ARM architecture A57 eight core processor design. It has DDR3 and DDR4 can error correction memory channel, two Ethernet port 10 billion, eight PCI Express 3.0 channel and eight SATA connection storage channel.

other features include: a data compression coprocessor, a can of user authentication and security layer encryption to decrypt data. Security layer is considered to be called TrustZone AMD X 86, and the common features of ARM processor.

Freund mentioned, although the early development board does not support the HSA based specification (a AMD leading organization, is for the purpose of joint computer CPU and GPU joint open source programming development tools), but the future of the ARM server chips will support the specification.

the development board with the software include: LAMP, red hat Fedora Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP tools. The development board also supports Java 7 and 8, it also suggests that it does not parallel CPU and gpu for local support. Only through additional code, the accelerator can be loaded into the Java virtual machine. AMD and Oracle is its plan of a named Sumatra, the plan will be in the next year the local parallel CPU – GPU 9 through the Java execution in the ARM to the server.