America’s one thousand tries to drive huawei, is to set up their own “god”

as first exposed the scandal “prism” one of the media, the guardian for more than a year diligently “bit movement”. Recently, always fierce, the guardian says again: the United States to one thousand worldwide, drive such as huawei and zte communications infrastructure service provider from China, in order to achieve a hidden secret itself is: “to establish the monitoring the world information network system”.

the report points out, although not completely ruled out huawei if using in the router and other products, into the back door way for U.S. intelligence, but so far the government has not found hard evidence. Ironically, many foreign security organization, in recent days have questioned the U.S. government data in the local production of router listeners, to collect foreign intelligence.

the guardian criticism way: “what the U.S. government denounced China’s huawei company, but in ourselves. It constantly reminds its companies, careful use of network communication equipment from Chinese manufacturers, but it could not disguise the attempt to monitor the ambitions of the world.”

as the United States on a global scale to huawei’s public opinion pressure, suffering last November, ren zhengfei, was said to give up the American market (network infrastructure).

it is understood that the NSA, and other institutions in the domestic production of router before export, will choose in secret backdoor implanted in these products. After the router to collect some data, the NSA every few months make it back this information.

in the end, the guardian, the article concludes: “the United States to drive huawei, zte, one of the main purpose is to can export your router and other products, in order to better gather intelligence from other countries. In drama, words, the existence of huawei, not only for the manufacturers of network infrastructure economic threat, more incompatible with the expansion of the United States’ justice ‘.”