And amazon, Google cloud users each year free provide 2 TB storage for the enterprise

Google announced that Google for enterprise users with 2 TB each year free cloud storage space. Although cloud storage war had begun, Google for the first time such a great efforts to implement the policy of “free”, will set off a new round of confrontation in the industry.

Google and its partners Panzura cooperation, for enterprise customers with 2 TB every year Google cloud storage space. Panzura is a business enterprise management of cloud services company, mainly to provide customers with more access to the Google cloud, amazon’s cloud, Microsoft’s cloud services.

after the Dropbox and Box also provides users with free cloud storage space, but there is no more than 100 gb space basically.

earlier this year, Google was the first to open the “cloud storage” price war, amazon and Microsoft has to play in. Three cloud service provider of the service price cut by more than 30%. At the same time, domestic headed by ali cloud cloud storage service providers, also launched a depreciate sales promotion activity.

according to Gartner, according to the latest data, enterprise users in the field of outsourcing computing services investment this year will exceed $13.3 billion, up 45% from a year earlier.