And B2C, B2B e-commerce is still far from

the author: chair (suzhou economic and trade professional technology institute e-commerce professional lecturer)

recently, is becoming a hot debate about the B2B, B2C began to reflect on how to break through the bosses monopoly, how to skills how to catch the customer how the Internet thinking, the B2B are still wandering outside the door of electronic commerce.

if you compare the B2B and B2C, I want to say is: complex, non-standard, B2B and B2C overall more complex, more diversified and also more difficult to operate. B2B hard? Difficult, difficult in promotion, difficult in negotiations, so B2B cultured is promotion, is all about negotiation. And B2C? More difficult in many links, so the B2C cultured is operating.

accurately, is B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce is half.

1, the e-commerce, B2C is for the whole operation.

Tmall shop, for one, an online shop one day sales can completely over the past dozens, hundreds of stores for a few months or even half a year’s sales, network beyond time and space, the niche for the masses, set all kinds of C end customers flock, individuation, diversification, differentiation of natural need not wordy, so B2C no matter from the selected product to the store decoration, promotion, pre-market after-sales service, payment, delivery, the entire process all done through the network, notting have is not the result of the diversification requirements, so it is a full e-commerce and its challenges can win outright offline shops, the complexity of the whole process absolutely crushed B2B, especially millions of sellers in the face of increasingly fierce competition situation, traditional enterprise constantly awakening, small batch and customization, fast response, choose products, decoration, promotion… A link to appear problem. Therefore, B2C cultured is operating, wholesale operations.

2, B2B is half e-commerce, focusing on promotion, the key in the negotiations.

although B2B platform guide online transactions, but in fact, B2B products still from mass, standardization, its products or product, customer or former customer, before payment or payment before, although say so a bit absolute. Today, from the emergence of B2B development in B2B or main stay in network marketing on the Internet this link. 2 b brother hard, start is very comfortable, looked at the falling money online every day, dream it will smile to wake, then, industry competition is intense, B2B platform, search engine, the size of companies such as to prevent a flood, together with Mafia rift, and business owners in most 2 b team management consciousness is weak, the lagged bargaining power (negotiation and network promotion between traditional negotiation team in the short term is difficult to adapt to the characteristics of the network inquiry requirement) especially B2C rise, see 2 c wage hikes, brother 2 b day is sad day by day, although everyday drudge, but as if lost in doomed.

2 b brother hard, it’s hard to: single work every day, every day have enquiries is not clinch a deal, three years is not clinch a deal, a deal for three years. 2 b most business owners are small and medium-sized enterprises, so the survival pressure is bigger, paid more attention to the comparison of the fame and fortune, so try to compress the staff, the short-term as crazy to do, do not hesitate to use criminal practice, is easy to overlook the negotiation power, ignoring products, branding, ignore the team management, thus causing a long return cycle originally 2 b trading is more a lot, don’t know how to play the key (negotiations), no investment idea, don’t know taking care of its staff, don’t know the team building, don’t know the brand construction, more have no time to product construction, crazy squeezing employees, replacing employees, change the product line, oneself also deeper.

3, why B2C enterprise more understand the team management, pay more attention to operation?

compared with B2B, due to the diversity of B2C customers originally, electricity in the whole course, therefore, B2C business is more than a link collaborative task at the beginning, merchants an early realized the importance of team management, an early sensed the importance of word of mouth, customer management, data management, product construction, the importance of the construction of the supply chain, so in these respects of B2C ahead of B2B.

4, B2B tomorrow in where?

2013 domestic e-commerce transactions, 8 trillion, 6 trillion, B2B, no doubt, the status of the B2B B2C are not match, after all, the twin brother of B2C and B2B, so B2B tomorrow is still bright and beautiful. But evolution is a natural law, the fittest will survive, so although B2B competition will continue, the big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, is a long-term way of business.

so, B2B companies should be more improved negotiating, pay more attention to the way of team building, more understand the science of brand management, building better products. So 2 b brothers in the future, the actual effect of B2B, SEM promotion is very important, long-term community publicity is more important, the entire network marketing is the only way, online marketing phase complement is necessary, shop, product optimization… Supply chain operations in the near future.

so, B2B platform before the launch of online transactions, also should consider more 2 b owner more what you need, 2 b brothers need?

is throw brick to lead jade, B2B and B2C is not who is more important than who, the key lies in the current us 2 b owners, brothers how to break through, how to transcend? Whether we can say that B2C young, but as a spent force, opportunity is running, and B2B yet if not left arrow, opportunity, and is still owned by our master? B2C is the bottom, and I’ve been waiting 2 b elder brother should work hard.