And big crash, but health tracking application Nudge to further

although I am not a man who love fitness, but my tracking devices for people’s health is very fascinating. Jawbone UP24 is my most commonly used fitness trackers, at the same time I also will always open the Moves the application, and occasionally use RunKeeper.

as a veteran “fitness”, I was interested in the Nudge, because want to put my all, decentralized health tracking devices use the collected data together, is a very troublesome thing. Nudge in the current has raised $1.3 million in the first round of the raise, this is not a small number. IOS and Android version of it As a control panel, will you come from Fitbit, Strava, RunKeeper, Jawbone UP, Map My Fitness and Sleep As Android data together. It will also track how much you’re eating something, drink much water, sleep how long, how much energy intake, etc. In other words, to Nudge the sum of all of the health equipment is according to the present management platform. And this just and apple, Google ideas crash! So how this app for capital market tells a good story? Please look down slowly.

will Nudge the data into a named Nudge Factor score, then you can compare with other equipped with the application of the friend, and no matter what they use both other fitness software will not have an impact. If the user has no friends around to use Nudge, that also don’t have to worry about, because they can exercise interest club to join its application, such as weight loss and stress relief club.

now Nudge one disadvantage of be repaired in the forthcoming (upgrade) is that it can’t be passive collection and active data collection equipment to achieve synchronization, which means I can’t see me at the same time in the Jawbone UP24 and Moves score.

Nudge, co-founder of Mac Gambill explains, “can Nudge with various fitness tracking software phase synthesis (I can also use the Fitbit and Runkeeper), but in fact the Moves and Nudge is different, because the Moves to separate different types of activities. This autumn, we will upgrade the software in order to better synchronous processing all kinds of data, and expand coverage.”

Nudge in early 2013 as a “health products” and started. Its co-founder Gambill and Phil Beene told TechCrunch in an email that they intended to “be like Klout healthy life”.

Beene Gambill said. “we realized that with the increase of health tracking application adoption rates, some new opportunities will appear. First of all, there will be more and more people demand that the fitness of a variety of application software data collection together (apple and Google is about to do so). Second, it is because there are so many choices, consumers will because someone in the market play the role of guardian to help them choose the right gym tracker. Third, under the certain scale, the collection and comparison of different fitness tracker data work will become more and more complex.”

in addition to their fitness to do a summary of 30 days, Nudge to users put forward some concrete proposals to improve their scores.

Beene and Gambill said, “I think try to healthy life for many people is hard to do, especially when it comes to the restrictions on calories. Nudge can help people to make progress better, because it is absorbed the advantages of all fitness tracking software.

it is safe to say that the market there will be other applications of integrated health score, for example, can be used on iOS and Android EveryMove.

and other applications, after integrating user data eventually Nudge want feedback to medical institutions and health professional coach.

Beene and Gambill said, “of course there are some big platform to put together a lot of data, such as the user starts the application X to take a walk, and then start the application Y to eat something, but flexible Nudge is optional. We try to put all the people health data to make an index, in order to obtain more objective score. These data can make timely feedback to the user, not just for those who focus on human health is also very useful.”

the founder of the Nudge doesn’t want to reveal that the user indicators, but the application of data retention rate of 70%. He has the active users from 120 countries around the world, these people are often “35 young men.”

Nudge founder, in addition to help users to keep their health scores compared with friends, and it can also help new health tracker developers to accumulate experience.

Nudge, co-founder of indicated that “market rapid growth over the past 18 months, also makes a deeply broken raw data system. Although integration technology in the application of the market is becoming more common, Nudge team trying to put itself as the guardian of the people, to ensure that people can find the most suitable for their own applications, keep the user’s choice.”

“, for example, if someone like to ride a bike, we can recommend Strava to him; If someone wanted to track them all day, but don’t plan to use expensive wearable tracker, then Nudge will recommend Moves to him.”

Nudge also need to make money, they are going in the next period of time to build a special platform of fitness and health, to help customers to solve the problems on the body and the patients. Beene and Gambill statement next Nudge updates will focus on the security and privacy aspects, to ensure that the software can completely reach the HIPAA (convenient health insurance and accountability act).

in addition to build professional platform, Nudge will also launch an embedded application. In this case, the user will be allowed to buy has been wearable fitness tracker Nudge to collect data.