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lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing in the face of CCTV host about lenovo’s huge advertising replied: “if we don’t advertise, you (including the CCTV and other media)?” Advertisers and media platform, the audience, the landscapes themselves. And with the advancement of mobile Internet, mobile Internet the pace of commercialization remains to be improved, especially the news client product commercialization of mobile terminal.

news client product development to the present did not appear events such as mergers and acquisitions, to give up, traditional news portal to the mobile terminal in addition to launch mobile website, news of the client is the top priority of its development in the mobile terminal, including sohu, netease, tencent, sina, and other vertical segment, local news site launched its own news in the field of client products, coupled with emerging news client products, the client market news instantly become lively rise.

on the installed base of it, the installed capacity over hundred million, not exceeding tens of millions of pages. According to the media people leave, the survey found in news client product at present, in addition to open the news on the client side flash advertising, news inside the news flow is the main form of advertising display.

that when users browse news client news will appear at the bottom of the four news information corresponding to the news flow in advertising, the representation is also in the form of graphic, but behind the ads will be displayed with the words “promoted”, avoid confusion users, content is in the form of hard and soft wide.

yes, this kind of advertising is in the news in the consumer to the client. I mentioned: many traditional business owners didn’t used to the initiative to consume media, the media to expand the “voice” of the enterprise, the media to promote themselves, even though this part of the consumption is high.

news on the mobile end client is the media one of the major forms of expression, is also the user access to the media on the mobile end one of the main channels of information. Client products to be fond of according to different users, respectively for IT, emotion, sports, entertainment, financial, social, constellation, food and so on multiple channels to make the classification, the user can according to oneself be fond of to focus on “taste” of channels, as far as possible to reduce noise, information in the information above and user’s demand to form a point-to-point, avoid Beijing users subscribe to channel in Shanghai.

news client user groups than social tools such as weibo, micro letter more accurate, long-term focus on “suzhou” channel user groups are mostly suzhou local user groups, long-term focus on “food” channel user groups are mostly food lovers.

so, need to promote their own enterprises in suzhou region, in food channel need to promote the brand of enterprise, needs to be in view of the enterprise niche for information distribution, can be active to news client groups.

I mentioned in the article “the” : PC companies can rely on websites to create their own “big heart” group, but seems to be difficult to find in the mobile end, public platform, weibo, it is difficult to call them “big heart” of large and medium-sized enterprises, its single function and cannot focus on all the functions required for large and medium-sized enterprises, only can be used as one of its tools in the mobile Internet.

if the APP is the most important core enterprise in the mobile terminal, so rely on the news the client to the output of enterprise information, is the enterprise the most important information on the mobile end output tool.

news client mainly has several advantages: one is the media, the user to get information through news client, the information itself is “media” information, information flow into the way, and appeared in newspapers, TV advertising is similar; Second, interaction, weak interaction is soft rib of newspapers, television and other media, and news client product information flow way of interactive advertising display form is much better, of course this also distinguish in various news client product, some news client product itself interactivity is weak.

. Output of the local newspaper is not weak, but as the user access to the Internet, mobile Internet information means increasing, the role of local newspaper for enterprise also in reducing, situation of TV media also similar and print status. Enterprises need to have the main information on the mobile end output points, both activity information and the brand information, all need to have a point to point correct output platform, news client for niche of information flow is a good way.

although WeChat public platform have this effect, but WeChat public platform itself is closed, and needs a high quality as a critical point, the content of the news on the client side information is open, open, interactive stronger.

news is the enterprise information on the mobile end client output of a very good “critical point” and “consumption” for vertical segment, make enterprise information in the output of the mobile terminal has a main point, avoided under the condition of the traditional media is weakening information blind spots, the people in Beijing waiting for you!