And so, weibo “teacher” Twitter suspected has officially into electricity

before the two images with suspected “Twitter electrical contractor”. We saw the writing on the images have a “Buy now” button. Analysts believe that this means that for many years, “it doesn’t rain GanDaLei,” Twitter, finally officially enter the very “money in the electricity business.

reports pointed out that some users in mobile Twitter see about price, attached to buy buy button on the women’s sandals tweets. Click the Buy now button, the user is directly linked to the payment page internal Twitter. Later, however, users click on Buy now, no response.

it was interesting to note that the above goods from a group called the vogue of Fancy flash sales site. After the website was with Twiitter electric business “gossip”.

so far, we don’t know whether this is a man-made experiments or intentional advance publicity. However, if there is no recognised by Twitter, Fancy from Fancy graphic commodity information, then, how can butt on Twitter itself within the application the payment page?

sources, Twitter as early as in before for a long time, is the secret test electric business. But for one reason or another, and continuous shelved. For the current rush to keep Twitter user viscosity, stability, investor confidence, find new revenue growth is the top priority.

social media properties and electrical business seem to have a natural proximity. This as a disciple of sina weibo, may see farther than a teacher, to start earlier.