Android One: Google on MOTOROLA road

“did not have the MOTOROLA, Google to bolster up a batch of MOTOROLA”.

trend: new form low-end Android machine is on the rise

in recent half a year, the industry can observe an obvious trend of new form of Android machine are emerging, which will change the Android picture on a broader level, the more users into the Android ecosystem and provide them with good experience (five hundred million) the next. New form of the low-end machine have benefited from the following three points:

1, although the configuration is low, but in driven by Moore’s law, improve components performance/price, current low-end configuration has been able to provide good hardware performance

2, in response to market competition, also in order to occupy a broad market, but also in order to eliminate system version fragmentation, starting from version 4.4, the Android system and the Google Mobile Services suite to slim. Let the entry of the new system down to 512 m luck

3, 4.0 from the beginning, waving the native system (2) X times ugly engineering interface, more user friendly and continuous optimization. For handset makers to give up this custom skin directly adopt native system provides feasibility

the trend of course need a leader, that is MOTOROLA. I write this observation in the article. And Moto E, for example, to prove that this new form of low-end Android machine has the following features:

1, the configuration of low-end, but experience smooth

2, say goodbye to the skin, use native Android, collocation of a few manufacturer application

3, the price is very low, Moto E for 129 $

4, the manufacturers guarantee system upgrades, and not “discrimination” low-end users

Android One, farther than Moto E

we take a look at Google announced yesterday the Android One project. It’s on the Moto E pointed out on the road to go further.

1, the complete set of solutions, several cooperation manufacturer. So it is no longer a MOTOROLA, Google to foster more MOTOROLA

2, skin more thorough farewell to the manufacturer. Fully USES the native, manufacturers add applications require permission to Google

3, the price is lower. Moto E $129. Android One for a $100 floor

4, provide upgrade support by Google, as the Nexus of treatment. This is the most complete system upgrade guarantee

Android is One of the first projects in India, the first three cooperation manufacturer is from India. They are respectively Micromax karboon and Spice.

so, why is India?

India market is the touchstone of the low-end phones

(well, because you said Sundar Pichai is Indian… Well, maybe this is also a reason.

the theory of the vast consumers and potential market, has no more than a single market in China and India. Due to the well-known over-the-counter factors, basic around the Google China, that is the most suitable market should be India. India’s vast market and general consumption level is low, are the best one in low end mobile phone market.

and MOTOROLA, Moto E Moto G have market in India proves that the new form of low-end machine to be able to succeed. Let’s take a look at (Bestsellers) :

it is India’s largest B2C electric business platform, known as “Indian” amazon (you can also call it “the jingdong”). It is exclusive to MOTOROLA in the Indian electricity business channels, Moto E on-line users plunder, it site outage twice, Indian media reports. Seen from above, the MOTOROLA family occupied the bestsellers.

the Indian market the present situation is samsung seek hegemony, apple occupy a small number of high-end market, before Micromax (named by the Chinese media Micromax) and domestic manufacturers such as huawei, TCL and alcatel, gold instant Chinese manufacturers have achieved good grades in the mid-range market development. But now MOTOROLA is hit from the low end market, India Micromax should already feel Indian manufacturers such as market pressure, it may be they are willing to join the Android One reason.

lose MOTOROLA Google

maybe after losing to cherish.

from Android on One project, we can feel the identity of Google for MOTOROLA road. Is to draw the three Indian manufacturers without MOTOROLA, because MOTOROLA will become China’s lenovo’s assets. It will be how to plan the new owners associations MOTOROLA road, we don’t know. As ever, of course, to call again: “lenovo, please be kind to MOTOROLA”!

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