Android TV next month, Google wants to copy the Android myth in the field of television

, Android TV next month on the Google I/O release. It is worth noting that, the article points out that the open ‘pointed out that the Android TV is a platform framework, rather than a specific hardware product. It seems to mean, Google hopes to build another Android in the field of television.

about the Android TV platform, there are two important contents:

first, Android TV is a platform, rather than hardware products. Android TV is devoted to the collection of streaming video service providers and their applications, as well as those Android video and game developers. It is reported, Google is now on the plan to negotiate with companies such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

second, Android TV’s secret weapon – Pano. The design style of the Android TV for Google a consistent style of minimalism. All the applications on the Android TV and interface based on Pano this arrangement layout design concept. Google hopes to break the application of streaming media video, sui generis split disorder on design style. Many applications adopt Android TV provides the interface design of template. But obviously, streaming video service providers are reluctant to do so. In addition, Pano design concept for streaming media video unit of each individual application, all in the top right screen display video preview, in the form of a card and allow the liberty to choose a different card to play.

from the above two points information, Google wants to numerous streaming video application with a simple, user-friendly, unified platform. But the biggest bottleneck and after Google TV: will there be so much content and hardware manufacturing partners, would like to support Google this plan? After all, is not Android TV Android, dominating it how it is difficult at present. And smart TV industry is already crowded, apple, amazon giants such as there is a huge advantage in terms of content. What the Android TV can make the mistake Google TV? Let’s to be seen!