Android users, but not iOS users “worth”

Google developers conference of this year, there are a lot of fun, and the lack of something interesting (such as made no mention of Google glasses and Google +).

but we also got the valuable data for the first time. Google Android users currently month 1 billion active users (not including the Chinese market or the Kindle’s separatist activities), Google paid to developers to $5 billion last year, paid $2 billion to the year before last.

apple tells us, it gives developers in 2013 revenue of $7 billion. According to this trend, it may be paid to the developer to $10 billion last year. As of March 2014, a total of 2014 iOS users.

by the simple Numbers, we can conclude that the total number of Android users is the double of the iOS, but in the application of the above cost is about half that of iOS users. In other words, each Android users for the benefits of developers is only a quarter of the each iOS users.

this is not surprising, and full compliance with the iOS and Android their respective development. It reflects the following factors:

1. Android’s market share in income in a country with a relatively low is the strongest.

2. Many of these countries have no credit card, Google also reluctant to provide operators buckle account payment method.

3. The Android mobile phone an average of $250 to $300, the average us $600 – people buy mobile phone purchase price determines the application ability. We don’t know a Galaxy S5 user what is the average income, but may be very close to an iPhone user average income, but the Galaxy S5 users only rarely part of the Android users.

4. Apple has come up with a distinct and Android’s corollary: maybe iPhone users actually spend more than GS5 users.

5. In the end, this may be so cycle: if developers believe that Android users do not have to spend money, and that their behavior will be affected – many Android developers will rely more on advertising, and continue to reduce the application fee. If they decide not to support Android or support slightly, then their users will first drawn to the iPhone, which became a Android “self-sufficiency” process. Look at the Android tablet, you can clearly understand this, (mostly have to pay) magazine application rarely login Android tablets, they are not willing to support Android.