Android version divided, 4.4 universal struggle

Google Android 4.4 design a core idea is “lean”, make it on low configuration of the deposit is only 512 MB devices running, in order to capture low-end market and accelerate the popularization of new system.

however, sadly, the latest research shows that the popularity of the Android 4.4 speed is not as good as the former generation system of Jelly Bean. For six months, just a 10% market share. Want to know the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) release 6 months after the market share reached 14%.

the data come from a Chitita consulting companies in the United States. They followed the Android version of sewing equipment. The following ICONS is the north American version of mobile phone and tablet distribution:

it is believed that the new system of other market penetration should be worse than that of the United States, after all, mobile phone makers always give priority to users to upgrade the system to the United States, and as the U.S. company, the Nexus of 5/Nexus 7, and system upgrade version of Google Play equipment and timely of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone sales of the largest in North America.