Anonymous social acquaintances, hehe positioning on the positive energy?

the boss to eat meat, old two soup, old pick up foam, this is the Internet lap top not broken truth. Acquaintances also applies anonymous social field. The overseas market, Secret bright red, domestic smell no find team, with , which is copied, is completely copy localization of ) do the domestic version of the Secret . Then swiping a media science and technology, the of a layer of a layer of follow up, strategy is in place , so the application of fire, this several days Secret to tell it (or involved in pornography, privacy, and rumors about) more explanation is brush list , the IOS side was pulled from the shelves.

perhaps the market suddenly be detonated, new players are many, it’s not, game play more network has also recently into a bonzi, launched a secret circle, pull users to download to send game vouchers. At the same time also began to brush media . Digress, get back to business, today cloud network also hunting as a brush “media” to introduce an app, “ha ha”. You heard me, ha ha.

here are the background, the hehe is applauded the original team co-founder, do a privacy for acquaintances social product . Why is this name, is I want to ask the first question, the reader must also want to know that this name comes from. How to explain, team says this is the result of team unity they decided, in a pile of names, finally chose this one. To tell the truth, this explanation does not convince me, the name is somebody else’s internal thing, let them go, will not get.

one of the biggest differences and secret


ha ha, you can’t say Secret, this totally cloned Secret domestic product application , the recent fire, gossip flying, fact, personal attack, was completely inspired the dark side of human nature. someone said, is not in line with good motivation, but in the inspire inner dark products, is difficult to lasting . But there is no denying the fact that human nature likes and dislikes. secret gave people a world without having to take responsibility for their own comments .

ha ha, talk to the team, I can say, head of hehe biggest rival is secret, but their product idea is different, is not the same as the deep . Why do you want to add deeply. They said because of product positioning and the technology behind the algorithm is not the same. Say first positioning, ha ha anonymous social orientation is acquaintances, but emphasises the positive energy . How to explain, if the image is a user in the ha ha poking fun at something, the comments are more positive, more comfort and warmth. Secret more shows a negative (intentional, may be the secret team in order to enhance communication effect) how to implement the review positive end to, this solution on the technology behind the , ha ha technology image is introduced, the user sends a secret, see the secret of more on the ha ha is the user’s friends, and the other is can’t see your secret friend. is also a secret, the secret applications will be users friends of friends can also see, don’t know anyway, outspoken comments can be more easily.

actually tell secrets and hehe, is a word, ha ha with algorithm to handle negative energy. “social reality is within the scope of security, so as to help people better communication between” this is the normal ha ha team think anonymous social ideal state. security and inhibition of recrimination, it is the biggest different users can feel ha ha and secret.

compared to ridicule the secret, “hehe” emphasized in the circle of acquaintances mood state , the personal status, not to poke fun fact for the core of the operation of content. social purpose is to contact the emotion rather than mutual suspicion burden .

domestic acquaintances anonymous social field, the current products in addition to the secret, ha ha, there is also a new entrants secretly, secretly innovation place in and joined the @ remind and burn after reading messages. There are more than the above mentioned playing games network also launched a “secret” anonymous social application. the game world to come and spoiler, enough to say the market has more fire .

in the end, the again, the boss to eat meat, the second drink soup, old pick up foam, this is the Internet lap top not broken truth. Acquaintances anonymous social fields also applies . Ha ha, secretly, secretly circle out to kill, to spell and lots more.

finally said a digression, ha ha product has just come out, other information products include search optimization, baidu encyclopedia, question and answer know, don’t do, media coverage is a bit rush. Screens in advance is important, but the product must be solid, build good act in an opera in the shelf, so perfect. Not to play but also should be based not? (supplement news: ha ha team call, the wikipedia entry has been updated, subsequent product information will do more information in advance)

Based information

company: Beijing Skyplatanus Technology



time: April 2014

location: Beijing, haidian district

stages: initial

areas: anonymous social acquaintances, SNS,

abstract: ha ha is a mobile phone on the anonymous sharing community, provides you with mood and thoughts of new ways to share with friends.

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