Anonymous social products over the stage of the user to fine operation

to pull out your anonymous social again chew, is suddenly thought of something. Why a began to not close with the anonymous social atmosphere is revealed and personal attacks. Carefully wanted to think, to remove no secret work deliberately. There are several points worth it said out.

people’s social enthusiasm has been moving in, from everyone, happy, weibo, to WeChat. The reason is you friends began to play, so your social circle also changed. To remove these cannot convince reason is there is another point in common. is the social demand, people have not been weakened exactly is “social identity” . Strives for the powder to praise for comments. On the social network is not a personal good. Hope his carnival and respiratory someone response on social networks.

then why again someone played the anonymous social. His point is: people’s social needs and the needs of the truth telling the truth and together. Weibo and circle of friends are bearing is not up to the user of the vent . Original weibo speak no response, circle of friends and (ai) have respect in the workplace or is difficult to tell the truth, one sentence summary is, don’t want to pack to force people lack a platform, telling the truth of grandstanding and want to play again hi, so anonymous social lit this demand .

if someone often play no secret, can be found early Internet practitioners are fun and Revelations. Currently no secret went soft out of way. Many inside the secret of tenderness is recommended, lead to a slightly more positive community. anonymous social domestic product over the stage of the seed users, everyone began to the refinement operation .

fire a batch of a batch of death, this is destiny. If say what products will eventually kill the anonymous social. Is doomed to not these anonymous, social entrepreneurs must be outsiders, outside product. Led to the next hot demand, anonymous social may be buried.

under the present anonymous social entrepreneurship major products. No secret no find team (the original), the crow (jack xu team) ha ha applauded (co-founder), ji ji (Zhong Minglu, sina, tencent, thunderbolt companies doing product) secretly, persona, guess, hug, quietly, toast and professional career field.

not to review, in addition to this, hope don’t forget the two don’t often in the media appearance indiscretions encyclopedia of science and technology secret and online may not be the secret of the elder sister. Two of them at grassroots level compared with no secret should be more influential.

jack xu opens the reiterative era. Insiders say the crow for 200000 brush to do list every day . Era of brush is not list, they may still didn’t understand, if can not content to attract users, fate is uninstalled .

anonymous social spell spell product positioning, good user group of positioning is also breakthrough . For example, guess and ji ji.

after ji ji positioning for 90 anonymous social acquaintances. User base location on campus and just into the workplace after 90. Largely anonymous social style are the same. More details on things are slightly different.

ji ji encourages users to figure captions, and text display of pictures in for further optimization. Encourage private chat (but this is a must review before). Find edition piece into the latest near and secrets. Ji ji content partial light and warmth. Don’t encourage disclosure and personal attacks. And competitive product differentiation.

now, the anonymity of the social product has passed the phase of the user, whether fire up or joined. Spell content, spelling operation is the key to a successful product. As for those who thrive on brush users maintain a list of fake products, can only say here hehe.

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