Another overvalued WeChat search: “WeChat function”

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

micro letter each version is a feast for the reviewers. Most of the most useful as a user the first mobile app” , it has too much imagination . 5.4 after release people again for micro letter search function to imagine. Say , because since WeChat released two years ago the public platform, the combination of WeChat and search has to be, but the author thinks that most people overestimate WeChat, like overestimate its red envelopes, payments, electricity, O2O and so-called entry.

still stay on the site search

mobile search is indeed a high growth market. Baidu mobile search traffic is about to overtake PC , mobile revenue more than 30%, which means that the current mobile search market size is close to the PC search enough to support a Internet giant. The tencent’s style and what the market is mature, how to do the reaper, WeChat again after the game hasn’t found a new model. Therefore, do mobile search motivation must be some micro letter.

but now it seems the micro letter still respond and also outside the door of mobile search. 5.4 version of the search function if a rich, but it comes from within the local search upgrade to search at most. Although content can search the public account, but don’t forget to public account is essentially WeChat station content. Based on this it with weibo search, BBS station search, there is no much difference.

of course, the public account is a lightweight application, nature is a separate application ecosystem. On the one hand it access web content no app problem of information island, on the other hand, these data are closed is WeChat barriers, can only give their use or open to sogou such partners. That is the strength of micro letter do the search.

the problem is that two points: 1 , the application of ecological content is too little, 500 the content of more than a public account does not know how many orders of magnitude below the entire network data; 2 , the micro letter search still can only search the public accounts in micro letter content on the server, not back down. Micro letter actually does not have the ability to trace and because the public account for hyperlinks support is too weak, graphic message is not the real web pages, just by message. Search engine inside the core solution is from huge amounts of data quickly find prayer, especially meet the needs of the long tail, micro current search the content of the letter also said not Shanghai, also does not have a long tail.

relationship with social didn’t half MAO

WeChat have a circle of friends, have WeChat group, so people say WeChat imagination is social Search , because Facebook Graph Search , because people tend to choose the choice of friends. But for the Facebook products are QQ space rather than WeChat circle of friends. Social circle of friends is acquaintances rather than social interest, it cannot build people’s social interest graph.

circle of friends is photo sharing, text function may be hidden deep, everyone can see a circle of friends is not a lot of content, consumer information flow is enough. There is a cap for friends. WeChat group and peer-to-peer chat but vast amounts of data, the problem again, these data are closed, split in multiple small circle, everyone can see the limited data. So the search function is not just to friends, based on the circle of friends and micro letter group of micro letter social search is nonsense.

and Facebook social search performed poorly, because can only search in content, it is still a Facebook site search functions, not search engines.

sogou and WeChat collaborative problem

if micro letter do search is successful, it must be sogou and close collaboration. Is very simple, tencent will search marry sogou has clear search will become the periphery of the tencent business and the non-core business. But the 5.4 version WeChat search, sogou whether to participate in, how to participate in unknown. Now sogou search WeChat public content, but WeChat itself on-site search seems to be independent.

if future WeChat off-site to do search, there are two possibilities. By sogou is a technology and data, search requests will not lead to sogou, this is equivalent to players a more mobile search engine, but done technology know two teams struggle with the difficulty of a set of things, to coordinate to alignment to cooperate, not completely integrated wouldn’t have the best experience; The second way is to sogou WeChat provide a so-called primary entrance, this means sogou to rob resources, with comments, jingdong because WeChat flow the market there. WeChat role at this time is just like the qq browser almost, just a diversion channel.

no matter that way WeChat search will take a considerable share, but it will do a tencent and baidu at swords’ points; Second to micro letter flow liquid path: imported into the sogou and sold to click on ads than increasing game, distributed application or electricity and O2O cash.

WeChat search, it seems, do you want to do, is make your own or in collaboration with sogou, or simply diversion to sogou, WeChat haven’t considered.

near the red sea search market

there is a little not WeChat do search the good news: mobile search has entered into the red sea market. Baidu, sogou, what, 360 have incoming, baidu has occupied 80% of monopoly, what with the browser entry ability win a share and sogou second position.

WeChat core competence is the entry, not flow entrance. Is a limited volume, second is the low conversion rate from the observed public accounts widely believed click-through advertising effect. Search engine is essentially doing high value, characterization of user demand flow business.

products are WeChat specialties and non-technical, mobile search the change of the interaction of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, image recognition technology demand is higher and higher. WeChat try voice technology in early, how do you try voice transfer text function will be clear at a glance, earlier WeChat made a speech to remind the public account, didn’t continue to do it; WeChat 5.0 the window function is scan , can sweep CD , flicking street view, book you worked on?

baidu already has deep learning, big data engine these new technologies, tencent has not been big, these techniques do not happen overnight.

and mobile search have not exist in isolation. It application and distribution, LBS these new mobile service entrance with complementary skills, both micro letter are scarce, because of the unity of the treasure is tencent application distribution exports, Scott was incorporated into tencent threw four dimensional figure new after ali, but the latter is the data rather than maps.