Answer the door seeking online The Internet under the thinking of 360 recruitment

have the latest news about 360 security technology progress and exact, 360 has launched the open recruitment of safety technology talents recruitment information. Interestingly, the 360 recruitment is completely different from the general recruitment patterns, face to face but adopted online flash answer the challenge, is one of the open recruitment of new pattern.

360 senior vice President, human resources manager kit said, “360 continued to lead in the field of security, largely derived from 360 companies for the extreme value of safety technology talents.” For security so very high technical content, brief resume and interview communication, unable to fully display their own intellectual equipment. Invited 360 five online on behalf of the domestic leading level of security experts served as judges. Users in the recruitment period at any time and any place, can accept the challenge, for an interview.

the sources said the 360 recruitment will lower the threshold, there is no record of formal schooling and education background, for the good player in the online flash problem solving challenges, the enterprise will take the initiative to “shortage”, visit to safety technology talents to create the highest level of courtesy and respect. If the candidate is in Beijing, can be to determine the time and place, 360 senior executives and HR will visit, an exclusive interview, round of determined results. If a body is in the field, is responsible for reimbursement round-trip transportation and accommodation in Beijing 360, etc.

in addition, 360 also provides the rich prize incentive to all challengers. Five challenges in the direction of the top 10 in each direction, all can obtain 360 issued by the exquisite prizes, including the first prize for the most cool wearable digital device – Google eyes, the second to the fifth for samsung electronics launched the GALAXY watch GEAR intelligence.

as Internet companies, 360 the recruitment model security technology and whether to buy it is still hard to predict, but the new recruitment model does is unique, and enterprises will reduce to the security of the order of magnitude as technical personnel recruitment process tailored to show safety technology talents in the present work is definitely a rare talent.

hiring schedule:

online answer: April 23 – April 30,

rating marking: on May 14, April 23 –

On May 15, published


award + interview: after May 15,

the answer challenge address: