Apes question bank C round of financing of $15 million

on July 22, ape question bank (yuantiku.com), the official to hunting cloud network confirmed today, has completed a new round of $15 million in financing, and valuation of $125 million.

it is understood that the ape question bank becomes a new wave of online education startup financing the highest valuation of the company. This round of investment institutions for partners China and IDG capital, the two investment institutions are the two rounds of apes question bank investors.

the ape question bank is a free for students on a mobile phone assessment practice and knowledge to solve the problem of online education company. According to introducing, the ape question bank as a focus on the education system in China to solve the problem. The most core part of learning, from the practice and test, this paper again into teaching, gradually formed “the coach” measuring the education of the closed loop.

the ape question bank marketing director ShuaiKe convective cloud network said that this round of financing is mainly used in three aspects: 1, the product features and contents of the continuous optimization, such as all the questions to answer, can be evaluated. 2, increase the market promotion, mainly by word of mouth spread before. 3, the introduction of team, especially in the forefront of technology researchers.

apes question bank launched last September products aimed at the high school students “ape to question the college entrance examination”, and announced in June, according to official data, has more than 2 million high school students are using the ape question bank to practice and test. It is understood that apes question bank recently will also launch for junior high school students question bank products, the product has entered the stage of internal testing.

“secondary product planning is based on the data of high product performance, let us middle school students have the very big confidence. Even if you think this is the need to have more learning initiative of the product, the number of people in daily to do and answer the questions on time, will be a surprise, can say never a product can make so many middle school students in online learning, spend so much time every day.” ShuaiKe said.

the ape question bank company founded in 2012, when get the IDG capital of $2.2 million in A round of funding, and in 2013 by the partners China led, IDG capital with $7 million B round of funding.