Apple and Google official at the same time sales of hardware? Nest thermostat

Google in January spent $3.2 billion for a smart home startup Nest, take the field of smart home is the most innovative and platform of the value of the listed company to its, highlights the Google control platform’s ambitions in the future. This year the Nest thermostat login Google official Google Play online sales platform. As in the amazon, best buy price: $249.

it is interesting to note that although the Nest has been acquired by Google, the apple store is still in sales this kind of thermostat, priced at $249.95. Such a coincidence that Nest thermostat became the only a unique bitter rivals Google and apple joint sales of hardware products.

of course, such a coincidence to have since, Nest founder Tony Fadell comes from apple, called the “father” of the iPod. Nest of employees is also apple is born. So the two companies the existing natural affinity. But failure exile Fadell was apple’s internal struggle, coupled with apple for smart home might otherwise idea, so the Nest eventually joined Google camp.

since Google Play started selling Nest thermostat, perhaps apple will soon will the listings. Just like Google announced the acquisition of Nest, apple VP Schiller is decisive to cancel the founder of Nest Fadell Twitter attention.