Apple for suppliers and settlement $7000 and $3 billion, each not exceed 15 days

according to foreign media reports, after joining the “SupplierPay” government projects, the company has for the United States more than 7000 supply chain enterprises paid $3 billion.

apple senior vice President Jeff Williams recently at the White House with President barack Obama attended the company USES the “SupplierPay” initiative. The meeting also includes a financing project, it is essentially an agreement, apple, nissan, Rolls-Royce and more small businesses faster pay their money – so they can put more money into the enterprise development. SupplierPay QuickPay improved version, which requires members to join in 15 days payment for small supply lines of business. SupplierPay apply to private companies, manufacturers faster payments to suppliers and investment company will help them to obtain low cost capital.

Metal Impact the company’s benefit from apple to participate in the plan of a beneficiary. The company production of aluminum products, this is one of apple’s favorite materials, the company can produce the unique cylindrical shell of Mac Pro. You can see in the video released apple last year saw aluminium rolling mill works make Mac Pro. The company said in a statement: “last year, the company spent more than $3 billion and more than 7000 vendors running small variety of enterprises, creating tens of thousands of American jobs. This is the first time apple released the recent additional compensation related to supply chain with the United States about value.

we are proud to see apple and in Austin, Texas from 23 states such as the components of the equipment suppliers. When consumers see Mac Pro, first of all, you will note that this product has a revolutionary cylindrical aluminum frame. And that is by the village of el grove, Illinois Metal production by the Impact. Is mainly engaged in Metal Impact company before in the treatment of the aluminum alloy space components, it is the first time that technology application in making Mac Pro technology. And during their team work together, we create an entirely new process and supply chain, in a lot of aluminum products processing plant with 10 different material conducted more than 40 test.”

apple also points out that the Illinois company, established in 1959, the Metal that Impact manufacture new Mac Pro created the 18 kinds of new type of work and millions of tax. In the past few years the company to help the Metal recovery Impact company for enterprise economic conditions – in the meantime, their business has tripled. The company said in a statement: “apple during our economic recovery plays a very important role, not only in our financial performance, perhaps more importantly, they guide the innovation. Apple believe us, and completely changed the way we look at our business. We work for apple inspired us to do some had never been involved in the field. Together we created a new manufacturing process, it has created, is that we never imagined.”

since 2011, Quickpay for small contractors to save more than $1 billion in spending. Early last year in an interview, he said, the company has invested $100 million in the United States on manufacturing production Mac Pro, and may have other products in the future.

“for large companies to join SupplierPay project of the consensus is that a good supply chain is good for business,” the U.S. government said, “for small business suppliers, benefit from SupplierPay means there will be more capital for new opportunities, new equipment and new recruitment to invest.”

it is understood that the current active signed SupplierPay technology companies, and IBM, AT& T, Intuit, Ericsson and philips.