Apple, IBM teamed up to build the enterprise version of the iOS, Microsoft or “cut short”

apple announced today the joint IBM, create more specialized applications and services for enterprise users, accelerate the iOS devices in the enterprise market popularity and market share. It is important to note that previously, reformers, led by Microsoft is hoping that Office services, such as translation from the desktop to mobile end, in order to consolidate the dominance of Microsoft Office market in the enterprise.

the cook said apple and IBM’s cooperation, will promote the advent of the era of mobile office. And bring about the changes to the enterprise office “association” can only be giants like apple and IBM.

simply, apple, IBM, which can be summarized as “corporate version of the iOS build” (IBM MobileFirst for iOS) — apple to provide quality equipment, IBM provides a powerful enterprise big data and cloud service solution, etc.

although specific details about the two is unclear, but from apple’s official press release, we can summarize the enterprise version of the iOS several important aspects:

first, IBM to introduce 100 iOS device (iPhone, tablet) enterprise-class exclusive local application;

second, provide special optimization of the IBM cloud services for iOS devices. Enterprise users can through the service for equipment management, security control, data analysis, etc.

third, apple is put forward for the enterprise users to customize the AppleCare representatives confirmed an services;

4, IBM will invest manpower and material resources, financial resources, etc., to help sales iOS devices, and provide a specific device activation and management services.

with the advent of mobile office and bring their own equipment office tide, blackberry, apple, Google, Microsoft, samsung, and other technology giants, ambition gradually expanding in the enterprise market. Has a huge enterprise smartphone market share (36%) and tablet market share (39%) in the market, apple knew I do not have Microsoft “sophisticated enterprise market experience”. Joint, IBM is a mutually beneficial and win-win business. On the one hand, apple has the opportunity to enter one of the most “money” force of high-end market; On the other hand, IBM will be able to seize the trend of the mobile office.

let people concerned is the Microsoft in turbulence and change. , hope to make “Microsoft’s service running on all equipment, of course including for Microsoft office brings the most profitable enterprise computing devices. Apple and IBM joint, however, seems to be made, the realization of the dream is difficult.