Apple iPhone 6 not manufactured in the United States there are 100000 reasons

on July 19, rumours foxconn will start from the third week in July production apple iPhone 6, and in the second week of August to start producing more domestic version 5.5 inches. To meet the demand of mass production, the company now hiring 100000 workers. Give up a 5.5 -inch screen if I could still call the iPhone 6, 100000, the figure is more attention.

why such a large electronics manufacturing activity in the foreseeable future cannot be carried out in the United States? This is not only the higher Labour costs, but also because of stronger foreign labor mobility. In the United States, want to be in 2 months time will be 100000 workers gathered is almost impossible.

in the United States there are plenty of unemployed, can meet the demand of large number of workers required for the production of the iPhone 6. But because these workers lack of maneuverability, you can not in the short term will they gathered on a local, or even three or four places. To hire large Numbers of people, America’s system of human resources and hiring process will lead to its take longer.

like foxconn this model, it’s impossible to be in the United States. America’s Labour market has not yet set up the right way, the seasonal flow to allow a large number of labor force, in order to meet the special requirements for companies such as apple. Apple itself also said that for years overseas production iPhone is their only choice.

a former executives describe the degree of dependence on Chinese factories: apple iPhone is listed a few weeks ago, apple at the last minute to redesign its screen, this may force the assembly line overhaul, and the new screen to be reached the factory before midnight. Foxconn’s management can immediately summoned to 8000 workers from the company’s dormitory, each have some cookies can start, after drinking some tea and a half hours can start 12 hours shift work, within the framework of the glass screen into slope. Within 96 hours, foxconn can reach tens of thousands of daily production of the size of the iPhones. The senior executive said: “the speed of China’s labor and mobility is amazing, no factory can match the United States.”

the factory to meet the demand of manufacture who have stable product, but it cannot deal with the listed at the beginning of the need to manufacture large quantities of demand, as the time went by slashing products. If is the kind of product demand quantity per month is almost constant, was established in the United States can supply chain and production base. In addition, if you don’t need worker mobility, the human can’t do the job, America will achieve mechanization. President Obama asked apple founder Steve jobs: why can’t the manufacturing back to the United States? Clear jobs replied: “the work in the United States.”

in developed countries, large-scale employment in quantity during is easy to implement. In the developed world, after the invention of tractors and trucks, humans are at the assembly line of irrelevance. You may notice that in many poor countries, many farmers are still need to keep livestock farming. This like electronics manufacturing, developed countries people just don’t do it. (tencent technology windsurfing)