Apple map efforts! Google bought a $500 million “satellite hd camera”

on stage apple map “fierce pursued”, on the Google map “building walls. Recently, Google announced its $500 million cash acquisition of companies the high-resolution satellite images Skybox Imaging.

Skybox Imaging main business is to use satellite to get high resolution aerial view. Obviously, Google acquisition of the company, its technology can be fully integrated into Google maps (including Google earth). Google official for the purpose of the acquisition has made no secret.

“Skybox Imaging satellite technology, makes it possible for Google maps updated in real time, a more accurate location information of the ball.”

but if you think Google just to map to acquire Skybox Imaging, then some short-sighted. Let’s take a look at Google giant next is how to say: “of course, we also hope to Skybox Imaging team integration, can improve the Google in Internet access and disaster prediction ability”.

Skybox Imaging technology to some extent, and Google after acquisition of Titan Aerospace companies such as to form the resultant force. While shooting high-definition aerial view, the value of it, it seems, are still on the “air network” of technology.

the more perfect on Google map at the same time, apple map is also struggling to keep up. Unfortunately, the previously reported that apple maps because of the internal management problems, and put a series of major upgrade and should be introduced. How, let’s wait for iOS 8, a look.