Apple “military” marketing team, a department as a advertising company

the apple is building a marketing team as many as 1000 ads. This means that apple’s future will be more to rely on their own advertising departments, to launch a more creative advertising.

the apple “advertising team build-up” scale is large, the number of 1000 people let the apple Marketing Department directly comparable to the world-renowned grey advertising company. The latter is a Canon, Gillette, many large companies, such as advertisement producers.

however, apple will not completely abandon the previous advertising partners. But they will be more as a competition mechanism, urging the team of 1000 people encourage better and more creative advertising.

what’s interesting is that after the media reported that samsung a barrage of imitation and mock apple products and advertising, Phil Schiller, senior vice President for apple market very depressed. In an internal email, Phil Schiller default apple now in advertising and other marketing do not as good as samsung. However, he pointed out firmly for apple employees: “we will soon reverse this.”