Apple products under a level billions of market: mobile digital medical treatment

have to say that, more and more traditional industries are under the environment of the mobile Internet has a new branch of traditional medical treatment combined with mobile products made of mobile medical field, is that many giants for blue ocean. Now, technology giants apple, Google, samsung and other companies have the attention to health care field, the combination of science and technology itself gene, set up a new land in the field of mobile medical treatment.

apple into medical field trip, is mulling over road, is expected in the iOS 8 integration of health management function is one of, had previously been poaching medical technical personnel to build unique to apple’s health medical team of science and technology is one of, iWatch health related features of this kind of wearable products is apple’s testing the waters in the field of new work. More recently, around HealthKit, apple in the aspect of medical health data and a new vision.

multilateral cooperate

according to the latest Reuters reported that apple since the plan into the medical field, has been associated with the medical service provider to discuss cooperation matters, to participate in the negotiation of cooperation objects including mount sinai medical center, medical center in Cleveland, the Johns Hopkins hospital, medical company Allscripts, etc. Although, for the moment, these talks have not yet have a substantial result of apple, but apple has obviously showed aggregated data of medical information, ideas, and hope that through centralized data, make health information center, convenient customer and query or use of medical service providers.

in the present, of all kinds of application all over the sky to fly to the application of data collection is not uncommon for health, but the collected information is stored in scattered in various third party healthcare applications, there is no such collection channels. And apple is hoped to concentration through data processing, allow doctors to better monitoring analysis, to make more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

although apple has yet to announce HealthKit relevant information, but the reports have shown that HealthKit related medical and health services will be integrated into the iPhone is coming out in September 6. HealthKit services will also be apple into mobile one of the key key in the field of medical treatment.

the apple has been with well-known sports brand Nike, electronic health records management service provider Epic, great Mayo clinic such as agreed under the cooperation. The Mayo clinic is testing a recent health monitoring service, when found abnormal data, will be to identify the user, and provide information and follow-up treatment recommendations.

it is understood that most of the large medical health system of Epic software will soon be able to integrate relevant health care information in HealthKit, to further improve the personal health records of Epic MyChart. The medical and health institutions Kaiser Permanent in the near future also began testing many integrated HealthKit service application, the future can contact apple, reach a formal cooperation.

create data center a long

the Skip, an analyst at Forrester Research health Snow predict that apple will make health data center, and try to this approach relies on data information into the field of health care.

of course, apple’s the blueprint to achieve is not easy. Health data, after all, also calculate personal information, data acquisition and collection will involve the user privacy, and will be affected by the supervision of relevant departments, and some old information system or will not be compatible with HealthKit services. Washington mobile developers union ACT’s executive Morgan, Reed said many people are optimistic about the medical health field, (want to be able to enter), but in his view, HealthKit may not compatible with all of the existing information system smoothly.

medical center in Cleveland, deputy chief information officer, William Morris is talked about, solutions team is responsible for clinical trials HealthKit beta, and feedback to apple test results. He thinks, for budget more cash-strapped hospitals, HealthKit and related services will be able to effectively treat team to save time and resources, and for mobile developers, also need not again as now one by one integration of a large number of applications and hardware devices.

the Kaiser Permanente research and development of mobile service director Brian Gardner said, many doctors are considering how to make use of the existing health care applications and equipment to obtain the patient’s data. He pointed out that apple has approached several authoritative medical institutions. HealthKit such platform will with a lot of new idea for the health care market, make the innovation and the development of the medical and health services easier.”

apple developer oriented team continues to cooperate with well-known health application developers, including mountain view iHealth Lab.

iHealth Lab’s chief marketing officer, said Jim Taschetta apple in order to ensure that the customer clear how data is collected and stored data, but it took some hard. For example, apple will provide the service switch, allows users to decide whether from a third party applications to share data; If the user use up to store related medical health data, then the data in the upload will be security encryption, storage conditions. Tashcetta stressed that the user can choose whether to enable health data collection.

privacy loss heart

now engaged in the development of medical and health related application service providers are generally said that even if apple cannot survive long plagued their privacy protection. Due to data privacy, apple has to reach the federal government departments of all kinds of regulatory requirements. At the same time, because of the different data usage scenario, if the health data are used in medical related way, apple HealthKit services may be conform to the health insurance portability and accountability act (formerly HIPPA bill).

the United States office of health information technology collaboration Joy Pritts, said apple might be needed with each new partner data protection responsibility agreement again. For example, when apple and Nike, both sides is not limited to HIPPA bill, but when apple cooperate with medical institutions such as the Mayo clinic health data sharing, the two sides will have to abide by the provisions of the bill of HIPPA. But in this case, users are not easy to distinguish, whether their health data are protected by HIPPA bill.

in order to let more smoothly into the trip in the field of health care, apple has been consulting, or recruited health experts and familiar with the content of the privacy law. Apple’s digital top management also has to visit the main regulators. In order to successfully launch HealthKit, relevant medical information providers need to abide by the provisions of the privacy protection.

but if successfully implemented HealthKit services, health services still need some time to identify the medical application of practical degree and precision reliability of the data. When a relevant health care application more and more, this kind of recognition of the importance of also more and more significant.